Friday, September 10, 2010

Have you seen my energy?

I have been really tired, fatigued or whatever you want to call my lack of energy.  I blame my TOM and perhaps all my workouts have caught up with me.  The rainy weather hasn't helped the cause either.  If I had a good book, my butt would have stayed in bed this morning!  I don't like feeling lethargic especially since I feel rested and not sleepy-tired.  My energy has just left the building.  I hope it finds it's way back and soon!

I had this lofty goal of working 8-4 starting this week.  This way I wouldn't be making up so much time because of the gym.   Well that never materialized.   I'm up plenty early.   I just choose to be a bum at home than get my arse into work earlier.  Perhaps next week will be more fruitful and I can actually meet this goal!   

We have stuck to the menu plan fabulously!  It has made things so much easier at dinner time.  My mom wants to help more and that thrills me!!  I'm hoping this helps us spend less on groceries and eating out.  We only buy the stuff we need for 2 weeks at a time and with meals all planned we won't have to eat out as much.  I will be glad if we can keep eating out to only once a week!  I'm super proud of us for making this change!!  

Hugs to all my blog friends! 

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