Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Thank God August is OVER!

August was not a great month for me.  I was distracted by all the extra-curricular activities in my life.  I made horrible food choices and ate more crap than I care to admit.  Oh but some of it was incredibly good....I digress.  So while I love August as a month, I was happy to see her end along with all the celebrations!  The upcoming holiday season may not bode well for me.  I can taste the cookies already and I am doomed.   I'll worry about that later and strive for a better September first!    

It wasn't all bad choices.  I did manage to get all my workouts completed which is probably what saved the scale from utter disaster.  I did cook some and ate better on those days!  I am stockpiling more recipes to try and plan to spend this long holiday weekend organizing September and maybe October!  I do much better when I plan things out.  It keeps the anxiety at bay.  I did spend quality time with my best friend, my mommy and my church family and those are things that I never regret.  I need to learn that focusing on these good choices is more important than dwelling on the bad.  It's a difficult lesson and one that doesn't come naturally. 

On Saturday, I ran outside for the first time all summer.  It has been too hot and humid out to even attempt.  It was a beautiful day with no humidity!  I took full advantage and ran 5 miles!  I pushed myself to see what I was capable of doing.  On the treadmill, I've managed 4 miles but that is so much easier.   There is no weather, asphalt or masses of people to factor into the equation.  Just a girl and her treadmill.  I am super proud of myself for being able to do it.  I finished in just under an hour and surprisingly wasn't passed out on the ground afterwords!  Go me!  I know that in the past I may have whined, ok ok bitched, about doing the interval zones (those medium and high days) but they really do help the stamina and speed.  I may just become an actual runner yet! 

Speaking of those medium days...week 10 can suck it.  Hear that Ms. All-star, you can have week 10 back and keep the "You're welcomes" to yourself.  I am pretty sure I did pass out from it.   Wk 10 medium consist of 10min in HR zone 2 (which means I have to run at 6.3+), then 10 min in HR zone 1 (which normally is easy) and finally because your ass isn't dragging already let us do 10 more minutes in HR zone 2.  Oh my F'n God...that sucked.  I went home, cuddled my puppy and weeped in exhaustion.  I can wait another 3 months before doing that again!!  


  1. You're amazing, and I keep saying it but I just keep meaning it!! Could not be more proud of your fabulous run my dear!

  2. Thanks buddy!! I am so glad to have all your awesome support!