Thursday, September 9, 2010

Donut Crisis!!

You can all stop panicking the donut crisis has been contained...for now. 

I arrived to find donuts sitting on the shared space between my cube mate and my desk.  Gasp!  I am not a huge fan of the fried sugary goodness but I have been know to gobble one up from time to time.  I can usually turn them down without a second glance.  Well in the interest of TMI, it's that TOM and the smell of all the sugary goodness was making my knees weak.  They smell amazing!  Damn donuts why must you taunt me so.  Thankfully, they have been moved to the center of the Cube Quad.  I can still smell them but now in order to be tempted I would have to get up.  Oh, that would be good use of steps......

Just kidding!! Damn donuts.... 


  1. LOL. That sounds like something I would do! Try to justify eating a donut because I had to walk across the room to get one. That justification might work if the donut we walked to get was across town maybe! Seriously, good for you in resisting the work-place temptation. Those office treats can be hard to resist, I know.

  2. So funny!!!

    Every time I see donuts, my mouth waters. Once I get one in my mouth, all I taste it grease. Good thing!!!

    Great job on passing them up!!


  3. They are still here! Another day of pretending the donuts don't exist! I am pretty sure that by now I wouldn't want them anyway :) Thanks for the continued support!!