Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Going the Distance Challenge

Because one challenge is never enough!  I am going to add one more and hope I can keep track of all my goals.  Robby at Fat Girl vs. World is running a little challenge!  The goal is to pick a distance for the month of October and meet it!  Simple enough!  I've been wanting to set a distance goal but was too afraid to include it in the Hot 100 challenge.  Yay for a separate challenge!  

My goal for October is to run/walk 100 miles!  Phew that is a ton of miles and may just kill me but I gots to try.   I chose to buy a new Fall/Winter outfit since I am hoping to need new pants by then...(hides head in anticipation)!  

I will update on both challenges on Fridays!  Look forward to hearing all about my progress on these two awesome motivators!!  


  1. I am impressed with your 100 mile goal. I think you can do it! Just make up your mins that nothing is going to get in the way. I found you from the Hot 100. Good luck on all of your goals.

  2. Welcome Click! It is a daunting goal but I have a lot of supporters in my corner! I love the idea of this Hot 100 challenge!! Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Hey Brigitte, first time on your blog and I'm already inspired.... 100 mile goal is awesome! That's around 25 miles a week!! Can't wait to to cheer you on (=