Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hardcore exhaustion

I've hit a wall this morning. My body is exhausted and achy. Every muscle is sore including the synaptic one in control. When my brain is sore you know it isn't pretty. I blame it on the dreaded high-day workout last night. I don't wanna do this anymore. It could be that my body wants a rest day which I really hope is tomorrow!!! I am sure that Ms. All-star will say, I need to push through it but dammit I can't visualize that at the moment. I can make it through tonight's training and then collapse, right? Let's keep our fingers crossed that the collapsing occurs after.

I am fairly certain that if this was an episode of the BL, there would be crying, cursing at Jillian/Bob and the proverbial "I can't do this" phrase.
Thank goodness this is reality and not the BL or I would have quit. I'd take my pizza and go home thank you very much. But I can do this. I just need a pity party first. So I am coming here to have it.

I haven't pushed myself like this in the last year. My body was used to laying around again. Oh sure, there was the occasional run or perhaps I should go back to the gym moment but nothing like this hardcore ass whooping. This is where my brain needs to inform my body to get over it!

Perhaps I should start taking Edward with me for motivation. I could just stick him in front of the treadmill or next to my training session. Or better yet "HOT cop", who coincidentally attends the same gym again, could show up and stand there for me! (For those not in the know, there is the really hot STLCO cop that worked out at my last gym. I found him back. That totally sounds stalkerish!) Yep, motivation couldn't hurt! Sigh...

Now for something completely off topic: I am so glad that the NL finally won an AS Game. I shelled out big bucks to watch them screw up last year. It was great!! :) Now if only the Cardinals can get there mojo back!! Go Cards!

I can do it, I can do it, I can do it! But I am still exhausted....

More tomorrow!


  1. the rest days are important, not just mentally, but muscle recovery, too!

  2. Do you have a big cardboard Edward?? There is one in my office lol it's random and one of my bosses accidentally tore his arm in what we are calling a jealous rage. lol...

  3. @KB They are so important! Right now, it feels like forever since my last rest day and it has been a week. I totally need to get that other day back!

    @Kyoko I do have a big Edward! He stands in my room watching me sleep! Tee hee. Right now he is wearing a pretty pink and maroon scarf!