Monday, November 1, 2010

I ran a 10k and OctGTD update!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween.  I will be sad to take down all my decorations but Christmas is right around the corner and I can put up more lights!!  I may have a holiday decorating problem....I'm not looking to correct it though!  :P

This was a kick ass weekend!  My very first 10k was on Saturday morning.  The race I chose to run was "The Race to Cure Lymphoma".  My mom is an 11 year survivor of Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma so what better than to race in her honor.  She came along and sat in the car until I was close to the finish line!  It made me super proud to have her there and witness my first big race!  We forgot the camera so no pictures.  I tried to show her how to use my iphone but it was too much for my little old momma!  The run was tough because of the cold and wind.  I never realized just how tiring it is to run into the wind.  This caused me to be slower than my previous non-windy practice runs.  But you know what I did it and it felt amazing!  I finished in 1:09:30.  My goal was to finish it in under 70 min and I just squeaked under!  There is room for improvement on the next one!    

Another huge milestone was met this weekend!  I finished my October Going the Distance Challenge of running/walking a 100 miles in the month.  I finished with 103.64 miles.  When I chose to complete a 100 miles it seemed like an incredibly daunting task.   However, it wouldn't have been a challenge without trying to achieve the seemingly impossible.   I am amazed by what I was able to accomplish.  It wasn't easy and there were days I really wanted to skip that last mile.  I am so glad that I didn't listen to the little voice in my head! It is great to know that I can set a goal of this magnitude and not only achieve it but improve my health along the way.   I am choosing to dial back my goal a bit this month.  I need to recoup and not burn myself out!  My NovGTD goal is to swim 30 miles.  I've missed the water while running so much.   It will be a nice change of pace to tire all my muscles out instead of just my legs!   

I am super proud that my body supported me through all this training and let me push myself to new highs! I can't wait to see what all the swimming brings! 


  1. Congratulations Brigitte! It must have been so incredible to have your mom there to celebrate this victory. Way to go!

  2. Sincerely, well done on the 10k - one of my main goals is to get fit enough and lose weight while building up towards The Great North Run (a 10k road-race in Manchester) in May 2011. I plan to run a few 5k's in the new year to get a feel for road-racing, but it's always great to hear about others succeeding at this distance - it spurs me on.

    I have just signed up for NovGTD myself, so feel free to tweet me (@cannymonkey) and we can cheer each other on...i am going for 45 miles or running and the same again of spin-cycling....going for 30 miles of swimming is no mean feat - are you gonna try and do a mile a day, or 2 miles every other? Either one of those options makes me feel tired just thinking about it. lol

    Congrats, again.

  3. Oh, wow! Well, first, thank you for your comment on my blog.
    I only read this posted and glimpsed at your weight-loss ticker and already I can see how much you've accomplished! You're such an inspiration, and you can bet I'll be a regular here.

  4. Great job on your 10k and meeting your mileage goal :)

  5. @Rae: It was phenomenal having her there. She fought and beat stage IV cancer and thought what I did was amazing. That's why she is the best momma!

    @Phil: I am a horrible at twitter but I will do my best to cheer you on! This swimming goal is a huge challenge. But after last month I have to continue out of my comfort zone. As for my plan, um well...I haven't started yet. I hope to start tonight!! You can totally rock out those miles!!

    @Miss E: Welcome and I hope you do stop by from time to time. I will continue to read and support you! Thanks for the kind words!

    @Jessica: Thanks for all the support!

  6. SUPER PROUD OF YOU!! You are totally rockin' it!! I think you had a great time for your first 10k. I walked/ran mine in 1hr 41 minutes. That's not too great!

    Glad your momma was there to see you come in. I bet that was awesome!!

    Keep focused on your plan!!

  7. Haven’t visited your blog for a while, Brigitte, but I am super impressed with how well you are doing. A 10 K, plus all those miles inn the pool. You are leaving us all in the dust. BTW: I am a Christmas light nut, too.! Michele