Monday, November 8, 2010

At least I have bad luck

I was rear ended on Friday night.  I am doing okay just irritated at the timing.  The car can be fixed and will soon be back to normal.  However, in the mean time I have no car and limited transportation.  I am trying to get around renting a car until I hear from the other person's insurance company.  In theory, I don't need one at all because I can use my mom's car.  Except it means squeezing in everything before she heads to work each night.  My gym time is being cut short and I am about to throw in the towel for the swimming challenge.   I can only fit in so much in my slotted time frame.   I will try and salvage the challenge when I get my car back! 

In addition to the wreck, my uncle died on Thursday and the visitation was Sunday.  This is only the second time I remember seeing him.  He was my daddy's brother.  They didn't get along or something.  I don't really know what happened but we never spent time with his side of the family.  The first time I remember meeting my uncles was at the hospital when my father was dying.  That was almost 20 years ago.   I was told I met them before but it was so long ago and my memory is fuzzy.  It was weird meeting all these cousins for he first time and feeling completely out of place.  There is this whole other family out there that I don't know.  A very surreal day.  I am grateful for meeting them and glad that I've reconnected with one of my cousins on FB!!  Perhaps, we will be able to see each other again someday.   

The visitation left me with a jammed pack Saturday to get all my planned weekend activities done.  I wasn't entirely successful.  But I got as much done as I could and left the dirty bathroom for another day!  :)  It is a new week and the bad luck has to swing the other way, right?


  1. I am sorry to read all this - it sounds like a rough end of the week and weekend.

    I agree though, it is time for the luck to swing the other direction.

  2. SO sorry you are going through a rough time. Life can be so frustrating!! Just keep focused, no matter what happens. Even if you can't get to the pool, do something else ~ walk, do a workout tape ~ you know the drill. Don't let adversity bump you off of your plan!! Keep focused!!!

  3. Rough week indeed - you've still got a really positive outlook and i noticed that your trip to one-derland is only 16 lbs away....good going.