Friday, September 3, 2010

Santa's always watching

A funny story for a Friday!  Earlier this summer on our church mission trip, we helped out at a day care in East STL.  It was a great time with some wonderful children.  We went from room to room to play with the kiddos.  I walked into the 2 year old room and was promptly greeted by this squealing little boy!  He threw is arms around my legs and screamed, "SANTA".  In his defense, I am jolly and I was wearing a red shirt.  It was pretty funny and I joined in the laughter.  I even retold the story numerous times.  But in reality this little kid had a point.  I am obese and need to do something about it.  In hindsight, this innocent comment had a greater impact than any of my would've, could've, or should've.  I joined a gym and hired a trainer two weeks later.  I suppose I should thank this little guy or perhaps send his parents a bill for my therapist!

I hope all of my readers have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!  Don't over due the BBQ and fixings!  My plan is hang out at home and be a bum!  Maybe I'll even get to one of those projects I keep putting off!  Later! 


  1. Hope your having a good weekend as well :) Can you e-mail me and i'll send you the instructions for the french toast! You can find my e-mail on my blog.

  2. I did and I hope you did as well! I will email about the french toast! Thanks!