Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Long weekends rule

I wanted to send a welcome out to my newest followers and blog friends!  Thanks for stopping by my little world!  And to everyone, thank you for all the continued support!  

This weekend was wonderful!  The weather was great and I didn't have anything pressing to do.  I got a ton of things accomplished but not everything...oh well!  I cleaned up some of my summer plants and put out the mums.  Now my patio is all ready for Fall!  I baked some Cranberry Pumpkin Bread which turned out really good!  I would post the recipe but it isn't exactly weight-loss friendly.  A girl has to splurge every now and then!  So my kitchen is in the mood for Fall (the pumpkin spice candles help).  Can you tell I am moving this season thing right along?  

The biggest accomplishment (besides the 5.6 mile run) was planning out meals for the next two months.   I have main dishes planned out for 3 nights per week!  That leaves plenty of left overs for lunch and dinner the other days!  It is of course open for wiggle room should unexpected events pop-up but for the most part we are all set through the end of October! It feels like a good mix of things I like to eat and things my mom will eat!  So hurray for balance!  I am happy to report that so far we are sticking to the plan.  Stay tuned to see if it continues!   

Sunday: We had Turkey Burgers with a peach grilling sauce mixed in and grilled corn.
Monday:  We had BBQ Pork Steaks and Red Beet Salad (courtesy of Gina's Skinnytaste).
Tonight:  Apricot Chicken and some kind of veggie or the beet salad again.  

Now I'm hungry!  I hope everyone had a nice week! 

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