Monday, September 27, 2010

Damn you weekends!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!  Mine was super busy and I couldn't wait to sleep last night.  I didn't make proper food choices all weekend.  It's amazing how much your body feels like crap from eating crap!  I will have to spend the rest of this week just trying to put my digestive system back on track.  There is the school of thought out there that shaking up your caloric intake will throw off your metabolism.  Well then mine should be shocked and awed!  

The weekend is over.  I made the choices.  Time to pull up the big girl panties and move forward.  I plan to stick to my calories and piss off the part of my brain that loved this weekend.  Those neurons can shove it.  

I did get my exercise in.  But with all the activities that required sitting meeting my step goal was a challenge.  Too bad you can't use cell phones during trivia or I could have walked laps around the building, lol!  This would have kept me away from the food too!  

Yesterday was a cold, wet miserable kind of day.  I couldn't go for my long run until evening and thankfully the wet stuff cleared out but it was nippy!   It felt great to be outside running in the cool evening air.  The only drawback was I had to pace myself more.  I ran 6.33 miles in 69 min.  Apparently, my pacing didn't translate from my brain to my feet!  Oh well.  It felt good anyway.  One month to the 10k!  I am so ready to hit this race!!  


  1. I hear everyone talk about running and it makes me sad that my feet and ankles can't take it, or my knees for that matter... Oh well, I guess I should be thankful I can walk, and that I can run on the mini-trampoline.

    As for the poor food choices, just pick yourself up and move on!

  2. I have a love/hate thing going with weekends too. Glad you are back on track. I think I need to sit down and really think up some ways to defeat the weekends.

  3. I love your attitude and how you are just letting the weekend go and getting right back on track. Good luck and keep up the great work.

  4. I think the hardest thing we have learned is that when you have a bad "calorie" day to start over the next day! (And not give up completely) I didn't have the wisest weekend either but today is a new day and I can follow my plan to the T! It's one day at a time! Keep up the good work Brig!

    And I know about the digestive thing! Friday I *really* wanted a donut. A long john, with icing. About two hours later I spent a good chunk of time in the bathroom regretting that stupid refined sugary substance. I won't be touching donuts for a *long* time.

  5. I am loving the cooler Fall weather - it definitely makes for easier runs! You can't reverse time and re-do the weekend, but you can make good choices this week. I'm in the same boat! Let's DO this!!

  6. Hey at least you are back on the horse! Good job at pissing off those yummy-food neurons. ;-)

    Polar's Mom

  7. I love all of you! Thanks for the support and I hope you are all having a wonderful week.