Sunday, July 11, 2010

The weight loss journey...

5 years ago, I began on a journey of weight loss that has climbed many a mountain and plummeted into many a canyon. I have been lucky that numerous people have been there to pull me up and reorient my path. I am continually thankful for the support! However, the journey is no where near completion and perhaps putting everything down will aide my success.

In January 2005, I tipped the scales at 323 pounds. I about had a heart attack. There was absolutely no way I weighed more than 300. Oh but I did. I spent the next few months working on my diet and trying to exercise. I would pop in some Tae Bo and cry from the frustration of not being able to keep up. The weight started to melt off. I gave up many of my favorite foods and started in these weird things called vegetables. Gasp! I rewarded this progress by joining a gym! I began running. All totally out of character for me. I was a couch potato and junk food addict (Mt Dew addict at least)!

I maintained a 70ish pound loss for many years. In 2008, I joined Weight Watchers because I'd lost my way. Somewhere along the path it turned right and I made a loop backward. I had seen co-workers have success on the program. I was tired of doing it all myself and everyone needs to shake things up. I managed to hit the 100lb mark. It was torture to maintain. My body quickly added 15lbs and was perfectly happy there. I got lazy and let it.

In June 2009, I got sick. I didn't know what was wrong with me but I coughed all the time. I couldn't sleep, had no energy, and quit caring what or if I ate anything. I tried to push through with exercise which mostly left me wheezing and hacking. I finally got the diagnosis of Asthma and instantly felt better. Being able to treat it and medicate before a run made a world of difference. It also is amazing how sleep helps the weight loss goal!

In February 2010, I started back with WW and while I was having trouble committing to the program I was eating better than before. I recently hired a personal trainer and she is amazing (although don't tell her this). She helps me focus. It's amazing what an exercise goal will do to keep you on track both physically and nutritionally. Sure I make mistakes and eat things that aren't the wisest choice but that's life. This is my life and I need to live it for me.

My current stats: (per WW weigh in on sat) 243.8 that is 79.2 total. Sure it has taken 5 years but whose counting!! :)

Today's activities involve doing laundry and hitting the gym for a medium day. Zone 2 here I come.


  1. I'm so happy you're back to blogging!! :) you are awesome...and yup, still happy for you that you like your trainer!

  2. Thanks!! I can't believe how opposed I was to that first training session and now I refuse to let her go!