Monday, July 26, 2010


I have forgotten how much I love to swim.  It was nice to just chill in the pool and not think about anything but remembering to breathe.  My lung capacity is crappy right now.  I felt like I had to breathe with every stroke.  It got better once I forced myself into a routine and got over the "Oh God I can't breathe moment".  Nothing like swimming laps to get the cardio-pulmonary system back in check!  On the plus side, my speedo suit that I wear only to the gym fits again!!  It was too tight last time I had it on!

I had to run/walk after the pool because with all the napping I was a wee short on my steps.  And by a wee short, I mean 6000.  Yikes.  So after an 1.5 hour of cardio, I went home and passed out.  

Steps aren't looking too good today either.  Doh...time to get up and move.  

Until tomorrow!! 


  1. Yeah swimming! And congrats on fitting into that suit again. Now we just need you on a bike and you'll be ready for your first triathlon, right? :)

    I went to a friend's beach house for the weekend (didn't swim, but that's because I'm the silly girl who doesn't like to sit on the sand all wet). Wore one of my tankinis and saw photos of myself--first time in ages I looked that good in a suit! Scary to me how 'skinny' I looked. As you know, I've still got a way to go on my journey too; but one day at a time.

    Love ya!

  2. Yay for swimming and swimsuit awesomeness (for both of us!)

  3. @Robyn I am scared of bikes. Are there biathlons? :) I am so proud of your accomplishments! You are such an inspiration! Love ya!!

    @Kyoko We are totally awesome! Love ya!