Saturday, July 17, 2010

My own last chance workout

Good morning everyone!  

My WW weigh-in went very well this morning! I lost 5lbs and reached the 10% mark.  This is my second time achieving this success.  However, this time it feels real and like something I can build on! A year ago when I reached this mark, 10% was just a number that didn't really mean anything to me.  Heck, I'd already lost 60 some pounds on my own.  This time I believe that I can do this and that 10% is a huge step!  Every 10 is a success! Last week I only lost 0.8 and was disappointed since I'd been working so hard.  It's nice to know that my body didn't let me down this week!  I also made the attempt to eat more.  You have to eat to loose and that seems like such a weird counter intuitive thing.   It's all a vicious cycle that needs fine tuning along the way!

I weigh-in and measure with Ms. All-star on Wed and those will be our official numbers but per my WW success for current stats are:
    Current weight = 238.8
    Total weight = 84.2 lbs

I worked my ass off at the gym last night.  I had my own little mini last chance workout!  I ran 4 miles in 50 min.  It wasn't incredibly fast but it was all about endurance.  It was a low night so I just have to stay in HR zone 1.  I did a great job of keeping it there!  Then I chose to throw in a session of kettle bells.  I am sure Ms. AS would be proud that even when she isn't around I am pushing myself.  I felt having a night of stretching and then a night off made me better prepared for last night.  Hopefully, tonight is just as successful!

Well my baby needs a good grooming.  So I am off to take Moses to become spiffy!