Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Knee issues, blah

My stupid knee started hurting this weekend.  Of course, it is the good one and not the previously torn up one.  It's not bad just a lateral ligament sprain but still it hinders what I can do.   My chiro placed some restrictions on my activities and that frustrates me.  I hate having to baby an injury.  Ugh!  Ms. All-star was great at coming up with other things that didn't torture my knee.  I got to punch a bag and work out my knee frustration!  :)  Always a good thing in my book!  I plan to buy a new brace tonight and hit the treadmill to test it out.  Here's hoping that it doesn't get worse.  I am definitely not the best patient or a patient patient!!  Plus, moving actually makes it feel better and sitting makes it stiff.   I just had a funny thought: now Ms. AS and I are the gimp leading the gimp!  We are both a mess.  Maybe she rubbed off on me and I am having sympathy knee...

The good part about having to change up my activities is we can focus more on my core.  However, this presents all sorts of new frustrations.  I hate not being able to hold myself up or that I continually fall over when doing these exercises.  I know I am too hard on myself.  But is that really a bad thing?  

I think I will head off for a little walk around campus.  I need to get those steps in before midnight because this girl needs some sleep!  I have a new recipe to post a little later.   Something to look forward too!!


  1. Sometimes you just have to take it easy. Kudos on trying different activities.

    I feel you on those core things -- I still can't do plank exercises b/c of my back injury. I know i'm strong... but i think it's reasonable to admit that i can't be the best at doing everything....

  2. FG, Thankfully my back has improved and not much bothers it or at least I don't let most things bother it. Planks are so much fun...NOT!! :)

  3. I have suffered knee injuries too. So frustrating. I get one healed up and then the other one starts bugging me. I would really be nice to know what bugs them, so I would quit doing it.

    Core workouts are awesome!!

    Keep focued!


  4. Thanks Joy. My knees pretty much hate everything I do to them. They'll get over it! :)