Monday, July 12, 2010

Brigitte in a box

I need to brag on myself a bit. This weekend rocked for reaching new fitness goals! Ms. All-star has me rotating through a low, medium and high interval routine. The medium and high days kick my ass. I can't even begin to explain how they push my body, all for the greatest of benefits. The low day puts my heart rate (HR) into a fairly obtainable zone. At the start it was a struggle to make it through this day. On Saturday, I was able to run for 15 min at 5.0mph before needing a break. It was awesome! The medium day was easier too! Yea for small victories. I'm not feeling warm and fuzzy with the high day yet. It will happen!

I remember in the beginning how adverse I was to having a person trainer. Now I can't imagine not having her. She pushes my limits and forces me to try harder. We even have fun! The box is actually a ladder for agility purposes. I was goofing off and saying that the box was bigger laterally. This morphed into Brig in box. In reality it's a result of having two dorks in proximity! (I am watching Biggest Loser 9 and they just did the ladder stuff, lol)

Tonight I made chicken enchiladas for dinner. I added some zucchini which actually helped bulk up the filling. This may not have been the healthiest choice but I only had one and I was satisfied. I think this is the hardest part for me, harder than any workout, is watching what I eat. I take it meal by meal and try my best every day. I think the important part about eating tonight was that I cooked and we didn't eat out or eat crap.

I also have an 11,000 step goal each day. So far I am meeting it each day. It has made me aware of just how much I sit during the day. I think I need to start adding in a walk each day. I'll have to ponder this....

It's late and I am super tired. More tomorrow!!

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