Sunday, October 12, 2014

Dopey Training: Inspiration

Today I ran my 19th half marathon since I started in Oct 2011.  Next weekend will be a major accomplishment in my running career.  I am super proud to be hitting the 20 half marathon milestone.  Not bad for a girl that hated being physically active from high school on.  

Over the past two weekends, I have watched friends accomplish their goal of running a marathon.  Seeing all their pictures and reading their stories has renewed my love for running.  They have reignited my passion and inspired me to reach for my goal.  

To say my motivation has been lacking over the past 8 months is an understatement.  I have viewed running as a chore.  Just one more thing that I needed to do.  It was no longer something I got to do.  Running and I were on break.  Much like Ross and Rachel.  I cheated on it by being a slug.  It wasn't pretty.  

Now I can't wait until Tuesday!  I want to run. Now. 

I have my passion back.  I want to be out there pushing my own limits and seeing what this body can accomplish when I push it.  This isn't going to be easy.  It will test every inch of my being but I need this challenge more now than ever.  I will be a marathoner in January!

I'm back with a renewed sense of purpose.  

Dopey you will be my bitch!  Got it little dude!!   

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Dopey Training: I am SO behind and possibly screwed!

This has been a rough summer.  

I haven't been training.  

It sucks.

I may be screwed....

I am slowly getting back on the running path.  I am trying not to freak out that training for my very first marathon has gone off the track.  But it really was beyond my control.

My mom has been ill for most of this year.  She has been in and out of the hospital with various ailments.  July/August/September have been particularly rough, extremely emotional and all-around dreadful.  At some point in this period, she had a stroke(s) which exacerbated her dementia.  My once very independent mother no longer can do anything for herself.  She is unable walk.  She can't really carry-on a conversation.  She is reverting back to childlike behavior.  Even simple task such as brushing her hair, teeth or feeding herself require assistance.  It has all be incredibly painful to watch.  As her only child, all her care has fallen to me.  I tried to keep her at home for as long as possible but I couldn't do it anymore.  I was forced to place her in a nursing home.  It killed me.  

However, she is doing better and trying to settle into her new home; probably more for me than herself!   She misses her dogs terribly and unfortunately I can't take them on the days they are allowed to visit.  However, I am planning to at least get them all together for a little snuggle time outside before the weather turns bad.  I know this will put a smile on her face.  She is always so happy to see me.  It makes me feel a little less guilty that I had to put her somewhere.  A little.  But I know it is for the best.  For both of us.  

Needless to say, running was the furthest thing from my mind. I had no help so being away from home was impossible.  In home care is freaking expensive and I could only afford to cover my work hours.  I was so thankful for one morning away to make meals at Time for Dinner (FYI, if you live in STL check it out)!  That was a Godsend!  But there was absolutely no way I would ever ask friends to come stay with mom so I could run.  That just seemed really selfish.  So there went my training. And truthfully, I didn't care.  I was/am overwhelmed.  I was barely treading water between work and home.  (Work there is another overwhelming story for another time.)

But mom is in great hands and being well taken care of now.  So I am getting back out there.  I ran a half marathon in Philly last weekend!  It wasn't pretty and I had to walk a bunch but I finished!  I did a 5k today.  Slowly but surely I am getting back out there and enjoying myself.  I am trying to dig up the passion once again.  It is still down in my soul.  It just has a bunch of crap on top of it.  I am starting to see the treasure again!  I am still incredibly overwhelmed but trying to push myself back out there.  After all, the roads are calling!

Stay tuned blog world!  The rest of my training may not be pretty but I am not giving up on myself.  My mom wouldn't want me to.  

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Dopey Training Week 1

Training for the Dopey Challenge began this week!  

So I'm really going to do a marathon..... 

And I can't wait!!!

The training schedule starts off pretty slow and that is a very good thing.  I haven't been running much. Taking care of my elderly mother has consumed every waking hour or at least non-working ones.  But I need Brigitte time again.  I need to run.  I also really need a vacation but that will have to wait.  

I had forgotten how much I love being out there.  Tuesday evening I saw a deer and finished to fireworks!  I even managed to stick with my normal 2:1 interval.  However, Thursdays run got pushed to Friday because I was uber busy!  Friday morning, I was pretty wore out from the day before and my training session.  I decided to back my intervals up to 1:1.  I still managed to finish the same 3.3 miles regardless of interval!  So yay!  

The only problem is that Saturday's long run hasn't happened yet.  It's Sunday at 11pm.  Um, oops.  Good thing it was only 3 miles and I'm not missing too much.  Makes the goal for this week easy. Complete all 3 runs!  I'll get my groove back.  

At least I wasn't a bum all weekend or anything.  I painted our newly remodeled bathroom and spent today hunting the STL 250 birthday cakes!  I hit my step goal everyday!  So if nothing else I was way more active than I have been since mom took a turn in the wrong direction back in February. 

I feel like all of this will help my running.  Baby steps to making this marathon dream a reality! 

Off to week 2....

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Dopey Challenge 2015 - Home for Our Troops

Two blog post in one night!  WOW! 

I have be kicking around the idea of doing the Dopey Challenge at Disney in January.  It is a true test of endurance or mental stability (depends on how you view runners)!  It is a 4 day challenge consisting of a 5k, 10k, Half Marathon and Marathon.  The last one scares the crap out of me.  

I had this plan to run a 17 miler and then decide about registering when it opens April 22. Then Disney announced the prices and that got people excited.  People started posting about running for charities.  I had never given that much thought but it sounded like fun.  If I'm going to run my first marathon shouldn't I do it for someone else!  

Someone posted a link to a charity called Home for Our Troops. I did some research and read all about them.  I really like the organization.  It provides homes (think Habitat for Humanity) for injured veterans.  They build houses that give these soldiers their freedom of mobility back.  I can't wait to help someone that has given of themselves to protect and serve our country! 

What I liked most was that I only need to raise $500.  So I took the plunge and registered! The beauty of being on a charity team is that I have a guaranteed registration to the Dopey Challenge.  Now all I have to focus on is training and raising money!   

I hope that over the next 10 months many of my friends will help support me and this wonderful charity. The link is below! 

Brigitte's Dopey Challenge Fundraising Page  

Thanks in advance!  

Disney's Glass Slipper Challenge 2014

So it has taken me a bit but I am finally getting around to writing the recap to race weekend!  The past couple of weeks have been a stressful time for my family. 

On Wednesday, February 19th, my mom and I were supposed to begin our drive to the happiest place on earth. Instead, I awoke to find her unresponsive on the couch.  It turned out to be a combination of low blood sugar and a severe urinary tract infection.  Once she was stabilized, we had time to talk about the race and she begged me to go (she knew I was looking forward to this race).  I hated to leave her but knew she was being taken care of and in good hands.  So I booked a flight. 

Mom is in a skilled nursing facility and is undergoing daily physical therapy to regain her strength.  I am happy to report that with each new day she is getting better!  Discharge to home is planned for next week!  Thanks to all for the continued prayers and support! 

Disney's Glass Slipper Challenge
I left for Orlando late on Thursday, Feb 20th!  It was the worst flight I have ever had in my life.  I puked for 2.5 hours.  The turbulence was like being on a boat crossing the English Channel.  Those boats have a big round hole in the middle so passengers can throw up because the channel is that choppy.  I needed that big hole.  I made it.  Dehydrated but alive!  :) 

I spent most of Friday, Feb 21st rehydrating and refueling!  But I was incredibly excited to be at my very first runDisney adventure!  I attended the Pasta in the Park that evening.  It was held at Epcot and we had primo viewing of the fireworks!  I met an awesome couple at dinner.  Eric and Jessica were all the way from Canada!  This was Jessica's first half and I am excited that she is now hooked!!  Can't wait to run more races together!  

Enchanted 10k - Feb 22nd
The inaugural running of this royal 10k!  I was so excited to be running at Disney that I didn't even mind the 2:45 am wake up call!  My alarm went off and I jumped out of bed!  It is funny how getting up for a race is easy but getting up for work is torture!  LOL   I got to spend some time chatting with a college friend prior to the race.  Lisa is a perfect princess and runs many Disney races!  It was great seeing her!  The race went on the roads around Epoct, through the countries, along the Boardwalk and ended back through Epoct!  I had decided to take my time and stop at as many Characters as I could!  After all, I did need to save some energy for the half.  It was so much fun seeing all the costumes.  I do races to have fun but this was a whole new level of fun.  

Princess Half Marathon - Feb 23rd
It was a wee bit harder getting up this morning but then I remembered I get to run a half through the Castle!!  My friend warned me about the long walk to the corrals, however, it felt like we walked a half just to get to it!  The good news is that I could then sit down and rest or in my case lie down because I was having a few back spasms.  Thankfully, those went away once the race started (probably the adreneline)! 

I didn't stop for as many pictures because halfs take long enough (well for me).  It was fun to see all the characters that Disney had out for our enjoyment.  Perhaps, if I were faster or more patient I would have stopped!  So when I saw Genie from Aladdin, I knew I had time to stop!  He is one of my favorites after all!  

I really enjoyed getting to run down Main Street and through the Castle.  It was all quintessential Disney!  Seeing all the people there to cheer us on was really awesome too!  I can't wait to do it again!  

At mile 10, fate brought Lisa and I together and we were able to finish the race together!  That made my whole day!!  

 I finally accomplished Half #13 and state #6!  They were a tricky combo and were full of challenges but I got them done!  And I finished a Challenge to boot!  Not a bad weekend of bling! 

Finally, I was able to get the one souvenir that I wanted most.  New Balance has a collection of shoes made just for runDisney!  I have dreamed about the Minnie Mouse ones for weeks.  I was able to get a pair and of course I had to show them to the girl herself! 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Week 5: Derailment

We completed week 5 of our WL Challenge!  It seems we all got a little derailed this week but we keep on adapting and trying to make it work!  (I picture Tim Gunn saying this in a Bob Harper way, lol)

I haven't really exercised since last Wed.  I went to group on Monday but was only sort of there and I was late to boot.  No running (not the best strategy with a 10k/Half combo coming up).  However, I still watched what I ate and recorded everything.  I lost 2.6 pounds for a total of 22.2 in 5 weeks!  I will take it and run!  :) I haven't really noticed a difference in my body.  Probably, because the only part loosing weight is my boobs!   Hey, I am back in the 250s and that is an accomplishment! 

I spent a big portion of the week PMSing and I assume that was a reason for my lack of motivation to exercise.  I usually get really, really tired.  I hate it.  Now to make sure I don't binge on salty foods and chocolate!  

We may have set backs.  We may find ourselves derailed.  But we still fight to regain our health.  Each pound is a step toward a better self.  I want to avoid the health problems of my mom and grandparents.  I want to be a healthier, stronger version of myself.  I hope this is something that the winner of last night's Biggest Loser finds for herself.  I love the show but hate how the contestants are forced to lose more and more weight in order to win money.  At what point, is it okay to be happy with yourself and not worry about a prize? 

I've never really had a desire to go below 200 pounds.  Okay, maybe 199!  I think I would feel out of proportion!  And if that takes me forever to obtain, then so be it!  Right now I am happy to take it one pound at a time!  

The plan this week is to get back on track with the workouts.  I really need to get a run in.  I am so sick of the treadmill.  When is Spring?  

14 days until we leave for Disney and the Princess weekend!!!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Meal Plan for February 2, 2014

I really can't get my act together to post on Sundays.  Feel free to ask for recipes.  Many come from Pinterest so follow me over there.  The rest I can type up or find the link!

Sunday: LO
Monday:  Pork Loin (apple bourbon or something)
Tuesday: Sloppy Joes
Wednesday: LO
Thursday: Fish
Friday: LO
Saturday: Enchilada casserole in the Crock

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Week 4: This week threw me off

This week has thrown me off.  I can't quite put my finger on it.  Nothing was out of the ordinary but it just didn't feel normal.  I did lose 2 pounds which is still pretty great.  I am now at 259.2 and glad to be back in the 250s!  But even that feels off (okay maybe I was spoiled by my previous weigh-ins). 

We ate out on Saturday.  This is only the second time I've done it.  I'm still really uneasy not eating my dish of carefully measured food that I made in my crockpot.  I need to get over this because I leave for Disney in 21 days and will need to eat something while I am there! :)

The hardest part of changing my diet is finding the balance between eating enough calories to function, then eating enough to run and ultimately eating just the right amount to lose weight.  I should throw in that I am not hunger.  I literally have to force myself to eat most meals.  Last night was the first time in 4 weeks that I was actually hungry.  Hopefully, it is the start of keeping myself in the mood to eat.  

I've been really tired this week and that could be due to the fact that the past two weeks I have actually stuck to my workout routine.  I haven't talked myself out of a run or session at the gym.  Some nights I felt like I went kicking and screaming but I did it.

I think this week could be labeled as my first real challenging week.  I do need to reward my success and not focus on the nagging weirdness!  I drank water, I exercised, I lost weight and I tracked my food.  All little steps to keeping on track.  I just have to remember to take one day at a time.  

We've made it to week 4 and all the girls are figuring out what works for them.  It is much easier losing weight with a group of people that have your back and understand that you want to mix up a batch of cookie dough and scoop it out with potato chips!  

Until next week!        

Meal Plan for January 26, 2014

We have been eating a ton of soups lately!  This weather really dictates it! 

Meal Plan for January 26, 2014
Sunday: LO
Monday:  LO
Tuesday: Macaroni and Cheese
Wednesday: LO
Thursday: Fish
Friday: LO
Saturday: White Bean Chicken Chili

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Week 3: The art of saying no

Challenge Week 3

Food or the image of food is everywhere.  It isn't easy sticking to your guns.  It is especially hard when you are on a diet.  Suddenly, the whole world is eating pizza and sweets.  Every.  Single.  Day.  I just glance at them and my metabolism slows to a crawl.  

Then there are the enablers out there.  Your mom, friends, etc.  It just means having more willpower on my part.  Learning to say no to these enablers is really hard.  Of course, I want whatever yummy treat you are offering but I don't need that yummy treat!  

So far my willpower is holding out and I know that one day I will say yes to the yummy treat.  I just need to remember that saying yes once in awhile isn't the end of the world.  I chose to have Chick-fil-a over the weekend.  I weighed my choices and ended up getting what I wanted rather than something that wouldn't have hit the spot.  That craving was satisfied and I can move on.  After the first week of wanting to eat every morsel of food in sight, I don't feel that excruciating hunger anymore.    

The hardest part of weight loss is the food choices but deprivation isn't going to work either.  The goal is to find that happy medium.  I know this is something I am going to work at each day.   

This week was a great success for me.  I lost 5 lbs.  New weight of 261.2    

Here is to the trials of next week! 



Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Meal Plan Week of January 19. 2014

I really suck at updating from home.  I try to stay off the computer and don't like blogging from the ipad.  Here is this week's menu....

Meal plan for week January 12, 2014       

Sunday: LO
Monday:  LO
Tuesday: Jambalya with turkey sausage
Wednesday: LO
Thursday: Cornish Hens
Friday: Fish
Saturday: Taco Soup

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Week 2: The week when having a cold and being a girl suck

Challenge - Week 2

On the Biggest Loser, week 2 is notoriously a tricky week.  It never fails that the trainers are baffled by the results.  It is always a difficult week mentally and physically for the contestants.  Our group fell right into sync with the craziness that is week 2.  Some of us had a fantastic week and some of us struggled.  

I was a good mix of both.  I struggled physically.  My body was tired and it took a bunch of effort to even get to the gym.  On the other hand, I had success and lost 3.2 pounds.  New weight 266.2 and total 12.6 lbs.  

I know why I was tried and dragging....a cold and that awful bitch, Aunt Flo.  I am just now with the help of medicine feeling better and luckily Flo has stopped.  But man, did both of these whammy my motivation to workout.  My long run on Sunday felt like I was running through quicksand in the arctic (there was a bunch of ice covered snow).  I guess the good part is I did it and most of my other workouts for the week.  I can't say I had that euphoric moment of "heck yeah, I feel great" but I definitely felt better than lying on the couch in self pity.  I just made up for it by sleeping...a lot!  

I feel like I have been doing a pretty great job with diet.  I again tracked everything this past week.  We stuck to the meal plan except for one night of ordering Jimmy Johns.  I had plenty of calories remaining to even get bacon.   It really is the little pleasures when you are trying to be good.  I even went to a happy hour with co-workers and neither drank nor ate any of the yummy goodness.  It was torture but the wonderful conversations made it easier to withhold.  

I find even this early in the challenge that doing this with my girls is way better than alone.  I know as the weeks go on and I am more into training mode and less in the I need to lose weigh mode, they will keep me motivated to try and accomplish both.  That is really my challenge; to lose weight and training for half marathons.  However, I really need to drop some pounds before the double in May or that will be real torture!  I know that I can do it.  It will just take a bunch of discipline and shoulders to cry on!  

Until next week!  

Meal plan for week January 12, 2014       
Sunday: Pork Chops/couscous/veggies (squash,peppers)
Monday:  LO
Tuesday: Chicken & Dumplings in Crockpot
Wednesday: LO
Thursday: Fish
Friday: LO
Saturday: Salsa Chicken

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Challenge - Week 1

The first week of our WL challenge has come to an end.  We all did well but realize there is a long way to go -- 11 weeks to be exact.  We can accomplish so much during this time and I can't wait to see what each of us can do. 

I made the decision to be all in this time.  In previous years of the gym's corporate challenge, I gave up after the first couple of weeks.  I had little motivation to succeed or a reason to keep going.  It feels very different to be in a challenge with some of your best friends.  We can support and motivate each other to succeed.  We all understand exactly what the other girl is thinking or feeling.  There is nothing more encouraging than tackling this battle with your girls.  

I was talking with my friend and workout buddy last night about my reluctance to share my weight with the group.  I wanted to control the spreadsheet because that way I wouldn't have to tell them.  I ended up sharing but I hated it.  I realized the reason is because I have failed myself and I've failed those I care about (including these girls).  I conquered this mountain once and I was embarrassed that I was having to do it again.  I gained 80 pounds in a year-ish.  Who does that?  Especially someone who runs half marathons and works out.  The answer: a person who actually struggled through half marathons and ate whatever the hell she wanted.  My diet choices had flown out the window.  I didn't want to cook or take care of any of those mundane details anymore.  I wanted life to be easy.  And sadly, the bad choices are usually much easier.  In addition, my job had gotten super stressful and I was barely treading water.  The stress from that hectic study was alleviated so I am starting to feel more like my old self again.  I can do this and I need to do this. 

 My starting weight was 278.8 pounds.  Yikes.  It actually feels good to put it out there.    

The first week went really well for me.  I planned out meals through March (long reason for this).  I tracked my food.  I cooked.  I measured.  I exercised and tried to reach my step goal.  I even drank water (not nearly what I should but some is better than nothing).

I lost 9.4 pounds!  

That is a pretty good start to this challenge.  Here's to Week 2.              

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Meal Planning for Week January 1, 2014 and January 5, 2014

January 1 -  I planned meals to start on Wednesday. 

Here is the menu for this week: 
Wednesday: Chili 
Thursday: Fish
Friday: LO
Saturday: Tortilla Soup

January 5
Here is the menu for this week: 
Sunday: LO
Monday:  LO
Tuesday: Chicken & Rice in Crockpot
Wednesday: LO
Thursday: Fish
Friday: LO
Saturday: Taco Soup

I need to ease into this eating and cooking thing.  We haven't planned meals and our house since um, well I can't remember!  I think the first success was sitting down and planning out three months of meals! 

2014 Here we go....

Welcome to 2014!  That seems weird not sure why...but I digress.  Today marks the start of our group weight loss challenge!  I have some great and amazing girlfriends that need encouragement from all who read this entry!  Feel free to comment here or on whichever social media outlet got you here! 

Today was weigh-in day.  We probably all had to force ourselves on and off the scale.  I know I made myself re-do it about 10 times.  I was shocked at how much weight I had gained.  Wow!

The good news is that all changes now.  We have all lapsed and we have all had weight loss success.  As a group we can't help but succeed!  

Personally, I did my first workout to motivate me.  I ran 4.33 miles (pacing).  It was rough with an ankle that is cranky but I did it! 

I can't wait to see what the next 12 weeks bring!  

Girls, let's kill some fat cells!!!