Friday, November 12, 2010

Hot 100 #7

This week has been up and down emotionally.  I've been waiting for the girl who hit me to grow up and deal with the situation.   Thankfully, she gave her statement about the accident this morning and now we can move forward with fixing my car.  Hopefully, I get it back this time next week!!  Needless to say my focus has not been on my weight loss journey but on repairing my car.   No rental car until Tuesday so I am still borrowing my mom's car and trying not to hog it.  Sigh....

  1. Get more sleep.  Suckit sleep.  Really, I can't wait for life to return to normal and I don't have to worry nearly as much. 
  2. Lose 20lbs.  Weighed in at 215.2 that is a 1.2 pound lose!  Win!!  I am back to where I was before gaining a few weeks ago! 
  3. Meal planning.  We stuck to the plan until last night when I hit my mental breakdown mode and so did not want fish!  We had Chinese and it wasn't a complete disaster.   I ate until I was satisfied and then moved on. 
  4. Balance.  Eh, there is always next week.    
  5. Tracking.  Fail!  I can't get in the habit.  I really need to get back to doing this.   
NovGTD Challenge update:  I completed 1.70 mile of my 30 mile challenge!  Well this isn't going well...

I can't wait until my life resumes it's normalcy.  I hated this week and how much it upset my routine.  I think having to give up some control was the part I hated even more.  Stupid control freak that I am.  Here's to the start of a much more productive week!!


  1. Making do without your car, sucks, I know, Brigitte - I just got my car back this week! You've had a ROUGH week, and still you showed progress. Lots of pats on the back from me ... you just keep going, girl, and show them!

  2. Sorry to hear about your car! I was rear-ended just over a week ago, so I can relate. It sucks. Hang in there Brigitte!

  3. It is so hard to deal with challenges like this. Hopefully life will get back to normal soon. Hang in there!

  4. Disruptions to a routine, when you are like me and LIKE routine, are hard! I hope it smoothes out soon for you.

    Thank you for the nice comment on my blog. The only thing left now is a lingering odor from the smoke/burnt wire and plastic. But it's disappearing more and more each day. I am still so thankful!! Puts things into perspective, uh huh!