Friday, October 15, 2010

Hot 100 Update #3

Happy Friday everyone!  Here is my Hot 100 update!  I hope everyone has a wonderful Fall weekend and that the weather is fabulous in your neck of the woods.  (Does Al have a trademark on this phrase?)  Guess who is wearing size 14 jeans today??  Yea baby!!
  1. Get more sleep.  Negative.  This is a big fail for the week.  I did fall asleep on the couch a couple times trying to watch TV but I didn't make progress on actually going to bed earlier.   
  2. Lose 20lbs.  Weighed in at 215.4 that is a 6.4 pound loss!  I guess I made up for the Aunt Flo week!  Win!
  3. Meal planning.  The menu is going as planned.  I really need to post some of the recipes I've made recently.  I am really bad about it.  I'll work on that soon!  Win!
  4. Balance.  I feel like it is getting better.  But don't get me wrong I still fall over when we put more than one thing together, lol!  One step at a time or leg at a time!
  5. Tracking.  I have tracked all week. 
OctGTD Challenge update:  I completed 47.30 miles of my 100 mile challenge!  I am ecstatic about being almost half-way through this challenge at well the half way mark!  I think this is better than I expected!  I can't believe that I have run with some walking of the puppy 47 miles.  I am so proud of all the things I have begun to accomplish!  

Good luck to all the hotties!  I will be looking forward to all your successes!    


  1. YAY for size 14 pants! Awesome job on your goals this week! I have a major problem with sleep. Some people have recommended melatonin (which your body produces naturally) to help with sleep. I'm thinking about trying it out.

  2. Nicely done brigitte. I hear you on the getting more sleep front - i am terrible for staying up late, then waking up feeling like death-warmed-up.

    Keep it up lass.

  3. I am such a night person. I function much better after dark...hmmm, vampire tendencies! :P But the real world doesn't function this way so I am trying to become more of a morning sucks.

  4. Great job and woo hoo on that loss! Now you just need to focus on sleep:)

  5. Sounds like you to fabulous this week!!! I am impressed by your miles!!

  6. Great news! The loss, the size drop, the goals. Awesome. Remember sleep is essential. There is real science linking sleep deprivation and obesity. So accomplishing #1, will help with #2 and the rest. Keep that in mind next time you're up so late.

  7. I found you through the Hot 100 Challenge. Congrats on all of your success. You are doing great!

  8. Ouch on the sleep. I need work on that, too. But the rest of your list is looking good!! And yay on the size 14's. :-D


  9. Forget the challenge for a moment - a 6+ pound weight loss and into size 14s? Woot!!!

  10. Thanks for all the great comments! It was a pretty great week even without sleeping enough! But that is normal for me, LOL!