Sunday, August 15, 2010

Puppy love and way too much thinking time

I just got home from taking the puppy for a walk.  We finally have a night where the temps are below 90!  Poor little man has been cooped up inside for weeks.  I feel like he has been averaging one walk a week.  We made this one extra long!  Now he's sitting on my lap demanding to go upstairs!  Men!   :)  He is super cute though! 

Today was a low zone day and I was super excited to make it a swim night.  I had the pool all to myself for the first 30 min!  It was so nice to just hear the swoosh of the water and be in my own little world.  Last time I swam, the pool was incredibly busy and I had to share a lane which was not only difficult but annoying.  So I cherished my empty pool and lane to myself.  The flip side to all this blissful alone time is that I am completely lost in my own thoughts.  Sometimes the recesses of my mind are a scary place and sometimes it's a helpful little organ.  Tonight I found myself second guessing all my food choices and realizing I could have made better ones.  The good news is that while my food wasn't the greatest this week(end) it was no where near the downward spiral of a few weeks ago.  I met my workout and step goals which is still a huge part of this journey.  There was a time in the not so distant past where I would have eaten craptastic food and then eaten some more.   I wouldn't have given a second thought to exercising or for that matter moving off my couch.  I know there are times I forget how truly mental weight loss can be.  The physical is obvious but the mental component takes just as much work.  I need to remember that I love myself and this girl that has made such a positive change.  She kicks ass!  Everyday I get up and try a little harder than the day before!  

See I told you my mind can be a scary place!  

New Yummy Recipe courtesy of Gina's WW Recipes!  Oven Roasted Cauliflower


  1. Hello! Thanks for visiting me! I am having the same trouble with my Lucy! I was walking her 1.5-3 miles 3 times a week and it's too hot now! I actually can't take being outside in the heat. The poor thing is getting pudgy and rambunctious from being cooped up!

    Your time in the pool sounds lovely. Our Y has a pool and I really want to go and swim some laps but I am still trying to find a time where it isn't crowded so I can go.

    My mind goes places like that too. I understand. But congratulations on your progress. You are making progress and that is to be commended!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Crystal and Welcome!

    Moses is super glad to be out and running around the yard tonight!

    It took me a bit to figure out when the pool was less busy. The good thing about my gym is it's open 24 hrs and there is always a time when the pool is empty. Unfortunately, the Y is not so lucky or at least that is what I hear from friends.