Thursday, January 16, 2014

Week 2: The week when having a cold and being a girl suck

Challenge - Week 2

On the Biggest Loser, week 2 is notoriously a tricky week.  It never fails that the trainers are baffled by the results.  It is always a difficult week mentally and physically for the contestants.  Our group fell right into sync with the craziness that is week 2.  Some of us had a fantastic week and some of us struggled.  

I was a good mix of both.  I struggled physically.  My body was tired and it took a bunch of effort to even get to the gym.  On the other hand, I had success and lost 3.2 pounds.  New weight 266.2 and total 12.6 lbs.  

I know why I was tried and dragging....a cold and that awful bitch, Aunt Flo.  I am just now with the help of medicine feeling better and luckily Flo has stopped.  But man, did both of these whammy my motivation to workout.  My long run on Sunday felt like I was running through quicksand in the arctic (there was a bunch of ice covered snow).  I guess the good part is I did it and most of my other workouts for the week.  I can't say I had that euphoric moment of "heck yeah, I feel great" but I definitely felt better than lying on the couch in self pity.  I just made up for it by sleeping...a lot!  

I feel like I have been doing a pretty great job with diet.  I again tracked everything this past week.  We stuck to the meal plan except for one night of ordering Jimmy Johns.  I had plenty of calories remaining to even get bacon.   It really is the little pleasures when you are trying to be good.  I even went to a happy hour with co-workers and neither drank nor ate any of the yummy goodness.  It was torture but the wonderful conversations made it easier to withhold.  

I find even this early in the challenge that doing this with my girls is way better than alone.  I know as the weeks go on and I am more into training mode and less in the I need to lose weigh mode, they will keep me motivated to try and accomplish both.  That is really my challenge; to lose weight and training for half marathons.  However, I really need to drop some pounds before the double in May or that will be real torture!  I know that I can do it.  It will just take a bunch of discipline and shoulders to cry on!  

Until next week!  

Meal plan for week January 12, 2014       
Sunday: Pork Chops/couscous/veggies (squash,peppers)
Monday:  LO
Tuesday: Chicken & Dumplings in Crockpot
Wednesday: LO
Thursday: Fish
Friday: LO
Saturday: Salsa Chicken

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