Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Highs and lows of the Weight Loss Journey

This week is a mix of highs and lows and maybe TMI (sorry dear readers).  The high being that I am so glad my health is turning around.  I was diagnosed with asthma earlier this year.  It was horrible in the beginning and although my numbers were never awful they were bad for me.  I am happy to say that after 10 months of treatment and diligent supervision, my numbers are improved and I am currently asymptomatic!  And since June, which was my last PFT and right before starting with Ms. All-star, my lung capacity has improved by almost a liter a quarter of a liter (apparently I need to read the test better)!  Still an improvement though!  More benefits of following an exercise and weight loss plan and using proper medicinal control!

The low of the week and probably the TMI portion (boys run away from the girly speak) is that for some reason my ability to control the cravings thanks to Aunt Flo is non-existent this month.  A bonus from losing weight is she comes like freakin clock work now.  I can almost pinpoint the hour.  But the bitch is driving me to potato chips.  I shoveled them in last night like someone might yank the bag out of my hands.  You might be wondering, where did I get chips in the first place?  Well lovely readers, my mother is my biggest sabotuer.  She knows better than to bring them in the house.  This never deters her from buying them.   Normally, I can have a few and then ignore them.  But last night they were all I wanted.   I can't even say I regret eating them becasue the hormones are telling me otherwise.  I'd eat some right now if I had them.  Ugh.  Why are my hormones worse now that I have less body fat to make them?  Seriously....stupid girly things....stupid chips....stupid hormones....

This means tonights weigh-in will suck but that is okay.  Next week is my monthly weigh and measure day so it's more important.  I will be ready to rock it and not worry about the fact I can't control my cravings.  I am going to eat lunch now and not think about chips.  Although they would be mighty tasty!!        


  1. Ah.....just focus on next week's monthly weigh in. I have noticed the same problem lately. Just last week I was completely confused as to why I was ravenous all the time. Things sorted themselves out, LOL.

  2. Thankfully I do not have to deal with Aunt Flo, but for some reason I still have cravings once a month. Go figure that!

    I like that you will focus on your monthly weigh in and not this week. In the end, that's what really matters!

  3. You can push past it, because you are awesome!! Glad it’s only once a month, my cravings are out of control, but they’re coming from freaking Halloween. Candy candy everywhere and you know how well I handled that cupcake truck today! Sigh…

  4. I love how you call her Aunt Flo...because I do too :).
    I totally feel you--despite the fact that I try to control my cravings when she's around; she seems to drive me to do things I normally wouldn't do otherwise. I just try to drink LOTS of water when she's around in the hopes that I can flush out bad stuff :)