Friday, August 27, 2010

Jean Scale

Most woman will tell you that you can measure weight loss by a pair of jeans.  They are the hardest garment to fit properly, well besides a swimming suit!  I am wearing a pair that hasn't been on my body in over a year!!  I am so excited to have lost enough weight that I can wear more than one pair of jeans.  I bought a pair that became my "fat pants".  They were the only ones that fit.  It's really hard to only have one pair of jeans.  Well at least for me.   I had taken all my bigger clothes to Goodwill and had nothing else to wear.  I can't wait to drag all my jeans back out and wear them until they fall off!  Then I can drag out the next size down.  I stockpile smaller sizes like the freakin Gap.   At one point, I was really close to being in a 14 and since the jeans were on sale I bought them.  I think I jinxed myself.  There is no chance in hell of me buying a size 12 until I walk in the store and it fits!  I am glad to see 30+ pounds gone and even happier that I can fit into my jeans!! 

Sometimes it's the small victories that mean more!!  


  1. friend that is not a small victory - it is an awesome one. You are a total inspiration and I know you'll be so happy getting rid of all these clothes as you shrink and shrink!!