Sunday, December 18, 2011

Meal Plan for week of Dec 18, 2011

Hello blogosphere!  I hope everyone is ready for their respective holidays!  I have all my Christmas gifts bought and only one more that needs to arrive.  Now to wrap them all!

I just finished week 1 of training for my next half.  I think my whole body feels like a truck ran over it and then backed up and did it again.  :)  Finding motivation to run the first was easy.  This time around it seems really hard to motivate myself to run.  The thought of dark, cold and possibly rainy weather seems to dissuade me faster than heat and humidity.   I am sure it will get better once the rush of the holidays stops interfering.

I wish everyone a very Happy Holidays!  
Here is the menu for this week:
Sunday: Turkey burgers with homemade dill french fries
Monday: Lentil and Ham Soup
Tuesday: LO
Wednesday: LO
Thursday: Fish
Friday: LO
Saturday: LO

Feel free to ask for recipes! Until next time....  

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