Friday, December 3, 2010

Hot 100 Update #10

Hello everyone-

I feel like I have been MIA from blogland.  My basement cleaning was a monster of a project and I didn't get the opportunity to read blogs like I had wanted last week.  I have been plugging along but not consistently.  I need to regroup from a useless November and focus on making this a December to remember! 
  1. Get more sleep.  LOL.  Now that I have the Exerspy, I know exactly how much I am sleeping.  
  2. Lose 20lbs.  I weighed-in at 216.2 so I gained a pound.  However, I don't think this is attributed to my birthday or Thanksgiving but rather to a visit from Aunt Flo.  I weighed on Saturday and was down.  So I am not entirely worried about this one tinsy little pound.     
  3. Meal planning.  I planned Dec's meals on Tuesday.  We have a crap load of leftovers in the fridge from my week off and we are working our way through those!  This week has been easy for meals!
  4. Balance.  I am working on it.  My trainer encouraged me to stand on one foot while tying my shoes, etc.  It's hysterical..... 
  5. Tracking.  I am trying!  
I went swimming last night! Yay!  It felt good and sure I didn't even remotely come close to my NovGTD goal at least I still gave it an effort!  I am not doing the Dec challenge just for sanity reasons.  I have enough to focus on just regrouping my life!  Here's to an awesome December! 


  1. Funny on the balance! I so could not do that! Glad everything else is going well!

  2. Stand on one foot while tying shoes?? I'd fall right over! I need to do some serious balance work myself.

    Way to go on your meal planning - that's a tough one for me!

  3. Last time I went to the spa I took a balance "class." Somethings I could do really well, others, not so much.

  4. Great to hear from you! Does blogging on one foot count? ;)