Wednesday, August 25, 2010

To 10k or not

I have never viewed myself as a distance runner.   However, I've been toying with the idea of running a 10k.  Over the last 5 years, I've done a dozen 5ks and while I enjoy doing them I feel like I could accomplish more.  The next logical step is doing a 10k.   Yikes, 6.2 miles all at once.  I am shaking in my Nikes just thinking about it.  I bit the bullet and signed up for a race the weekend of Halloween.  It's a race to cure lymphoma.  My mom was diagnosed in 1999 and through miracle treatments is living cancer free 11 years later!!  So with the heart strings tugged, I registered for the perfect race to test out my next running level!  Now I just need to add 2 more miles to my runs...I can do this!  When I survive this race, I suppose that a 1/2 marathon is next.  (Double Yikes)  Mardi Gras in NOLA anyone?  

I love kettelbells!  I think they are fun!  But I may have one hell of a bruise on my shoulder after last nights session.   God bless Ms. All-star for having patience because I could not get the newest exercise at all.  Ok, well at the end I kind of got it.  She was worried about my wrist hurting (which they should if done properly) and they do a little but nothing like the bruise I can feel forming!  I think some more practice will be in order and probably another 100 bruises!!  And perhaps I need to keep in mind that 15lbs of cast iron can hurt you....yep, Ms. AS is totally going "I told you so".  


  1. I think that this sounds like a FANTASTIC idea! You should absolutely do it! You already can go 4 miles, so what's another 2.2?! Well, it's a lot, but you can do it!

    This plan looks really good:

  2. In Chicago over Memorial Day Weekend is usually the Soldier Field 10 Miler--I was thinking that after next month's 10K (which I'm SO not ready for...with only 2 weeks to go...eep!) that would be my next goal. Maybe you can come up here and run it with me :) :)

  3. I was so excited. YEAH!! You will be so amazed with yourself when this is done. CAN'T WAIT to hear about it!!! So excited for you!!


  4. @Heather: Thanks for the support! You'll be running these before too much longer! I will check out the training plan. Thanks for sharing.

    @Robyn: You can do it chica!! Remember no shame in walking if your not ready! I'll keep the Memorial Day run in mind!!

    @Joy: Thank you for the support! I am sure you can count on hearing all about the race.

  5. You are going to kick that 10K's butt, and then you are going to look back at it and laugh when you run your full marathon! ;)