Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Push ups are the devil

Hello Blog Friends!  The weather in the STL is absolutely beautiful!  Moses and I are outside taking advantage of our patio!  I am killing time before heading off to the gym.  Tomorrow is my big weigh and measure day with the trainer.  I am going into it with anticipation and trepidation.  This past week hasn't been my best for eating but I have been exercising on schedule.  I am excited to see how much body fat I've lost and if I gained any muscle.  Keep your fingers crossed!  A la Biggest Loser, I will be last chance working it tonight, lol!

Typically, I like to exercise.  It's never a joyful, fun event but I do like the sense of accomplishment.  But I really hate doing push ups.  And of course because of my desire to never do them again, Ms. All-star manages to work them into every freakin circuit.  Well not every circuit but most of them!  :P I think she enjoys torturing me!  My arms and shoulders are so sore today that I can barely raise them above my head.  I can't wait to do more tomorrow!  What exercises are your least favorite?  I am sure that everyone dislikes doing something!  

Moses and I on the patio!


  1. i hate all exercise and wish i was motivated like you to get off my butt and do something.
    i am sure once the motivation kicks in i will learn to enjoy it. its just the getting started thats the hardest.

  2. I guess I don't hate any of them. It's just frustration when I'm not able to do them and do them well. I think that's where my frustration comes in. I like it when my trainer pushes me, but find that if she finds something I'm not good at, I struggle. Once she find's that thing I can't do very well, then I practice without her and master it. So the next time, I do it well and she does not get as much satisfation in that. She really does like to abuse me. I image I hear her snickering when she makes me really work.

    Most workouts I call her Jillian (She's on the Biggest Loser) because she's always yelling at me. I love working with her, she's great! Hugs

  3. Meghan: It is incredibly hard to get started. Heck, there are many days I don't want to do it but I am always glad that I did!

    Joy: My frustration is with balance activities but I don't mind doing those. You are an absolutely right in dealing with the struggles! I do struggle with push ups but I am pretty sure I will never like them. :) Ms. AS doesn't yell, she just makes me do more! She's more Bob like!!