Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Is it nap time?

I had a wonderful weekend celebrating my BFF's birthday!  We went to two Cardinal baseball games and spent a day at the Herman MO Wineries.  It was an action packed weekend and I could really use a nap about now.  :P  We had a lot of fun eating, drinking and cheering!  I can't wait to see what next year brings! Hurray for birthday celebrations! 

Having all this fun pretty much meant I took my diet and drowned it in the mighty Mississippi! It was a big, fat binge of a time!  I'll now spend the next month trying to recover but who cares.  A girl needs to have some fun from time to time. Of course this is easier to say before I step on the scale and see the damage.  Then the reality of the wine, cheese and pulled pork nachos will slap me in the face.  Can someone hand me some wine?

There is good news amidst the sea of gluttony.  On Saturday, I FINALLY hit my highest heart rate zone.  Ms. All-star did lower the ranges and it was somewhat easier to reach but I still ran my ass off to hit it!  I was pretty darn proud of myself!  Then on Sunday, I ran 4 miles and didn't pass out (remember those nachos were consumed prior to hitting the gym)!  So at least, I ended the besties weekend of fun with an attempt at redemption.  

 After all, tomorrow is another day!

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  1. Haha...I never regret wine tasting or cheese...especially in Missouri! But the recovery really can be hell, however when one is as awesome as you it's no problem!!