Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Heart Rate woes

Greetings everyone!  I got to spend a little time with one of my bestest buds from college and his family last night!  I finally got to meet my nephew and they got to meet Moses!  There was the bonus of getting to eat some yummy Ted Drewes too!  Despite being really tired from my work out, the visit was good and I wish I got to see them more often.  :(   Why must Baltimore be soooo far away?

Speaking of working out....
My heart rate seems to hate me.  I don't really know if that is a possibility but I think mine does.  I try really hard to reach each of my target zones.  I hit them occasionally.   It could be a medication issue, although BP meds would lower it and the Asthma meds would increase it.  So wouldn't that make me normal?  [pause for a insertion of laughter about me and normalcy]  Ms. All-star thought it would be a great idea to torture me with a medium zone workout while she observed.  In other words, she controls the buttons of hell.  The entire time my HR stayed in zone 1.  It wouldn't budge no matter how hard I pushed myself.  See it hates me.  I was covered in sweat with little to show for it.  She suggested a HR monitor to get a more accurate reading.  I have this really great friend that is willing to let me borrow her monitor to test out!  I figure it's worth a try.   Did I mention I was covered in sweat...head to toe?  It was kind of gross.   Sadly, that was only part of my training last night and I still had more sweat to come.  It got grosser. 

Has anyone noticed that in order to lose weight and exercise to your potential you need a small village of people and gadgets?  It amazes me how much support is really needed to reach your goal.  Programs to track activity and food, gadgets to monitor things, ipods,  trainers, family, friends, even the dog, phew no wonder we lose weight!  So to all my supporters, I thank you and love you more than you possible know! 


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