Thursday, August 26, 2010

Blasted food sabotager....

My weekend festivities only showed a gain of 0.6!  Phew, not as bad as I feared.  I can get that off pretty quickly.  I hope...

I came home from the gym to an angry mom. [Note: I live with my mother by choice to help her out since she is getting older.]   I had to train on T/TH this week and I threw her completely off.   She was hungry and cranky waiting for me to feed her.  So she was in the process of ordering Chinese food.  I love Chinese food.  It was torture to tell her no and that I'll make myself something.  I had soup. I kind of pigged-out a bit during lunch.  It was so sad not to have any lemon chicken or fried rice but I am proud of myself for saying no.  Thank goodness I didn't like anything my mom ordered and I could ignore it.  I did steal a crab rangoon after my walk with the puppy.  Food is constantly a struggle.  It isn't always easy to have just a bite and be satisfied.  Yet, I know that I can't completely ignore my trigger foods for the rest of my life.   Each day I have to choose to eat this or that and remember not to beat myself up when I make a mistake.  

On a side note....stupid Cardinals....booo! I should have gone to bed and not wasted my time on this game.  Geesh! 

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  1. I feel you on the food thing - some days I think I have too many rules, other days not enough. I divided my recent Chinese food into meals right away, it was the only thing I can think to not pig out and it actually is working for me!