Thursday, September 29, 2016

Hurt knee and a half

So I am off to a great start at blogging again...LOL!  I'm a work in progress....

The weekend before last I hurt my knee.  Dr. Google said it was a sprain. I took his word for it. Not sure if it happened while working out (probably should have modified those burpees more) or running after my nephew.  It was probably the exercise.  My nephew is an angel!  I spent that week doing the R.I.C.E method on it and not doing any activity.  I had to have it in less pain for a half marathon.  

Last weekend, I had my first half since June.  I was much slower than ever before.  I want to blame the knee but I know that lack of training and carrying around a small elephant  didn't help the matter.  Thank goodness my friend Kim stayed with me and kept me going when all I wanted to do was ice my knee and stop.  The race was beautiful.  It was in Amish Country and was so fun to interact with the residents!  I knocked out lifetime half #36 and state #17!  I really do love doing these races!!  It made me want to sign up for more. 2017 is starting to get busy! 

I lost 1.8 pounds in week 2.  I gained a little (a pound) when I weighed this Monday for week 3.  I expected it after traveling over the weekend and the monthly love of being a girl.  I am owning it and moving on. 

This week I have taken it easy.  My knee is feeling 80% better.  Since I am not exercising, I am trying to watch my food intake and make better choices.  Again, I am a work in progress and I have to keep at it every day.  I am hoping to head out on Sunday for a short run and test it out.  

Next week, I start a Country Heat challenge.  I am excited for something different to do as a workout.  If you need a laugh, this weekend would be a great time to put a camera in my house.  LOL!  It is going to be a riot!  Gotta keep it fun!  

Until next time!  

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