Monday, September 12, 2016

Hey there bloggersphere it has been a really long time.  I can't believe I haven't posted anything in almost two years.  Oh who am I kidding;  I completely believe it.  My life has been all over the place the last couple of years.  Got a new job, moved mom to a nursing home, ran a couple marathons and a bunch of halfs but then my journey kind of hit a wall.  I stopped caring about myself.  I stopped training.  My diet went to shit (but boy, all those french fries were delicious).  I stopped fighting for myself and my health.  I let my job consume me.  I hung up the running shoes except for an occasional race here or there.  If I am being honest....I gave up.

Fast forward to present day.  I removed myself from a situation that wasn't working and followed my heart to a new job back in a familiar department.  A job with a schedule that allows me to get back on track. I could never get a handle on my old schedule and working "me time" around it.  Maybe I don't adjust well to new curve balls or maybe I am less flexible as I age but I like a "normal" work day!

So how does this relate to moving my journey of running and weight loss forward?

I stood on the scale on Labor Day (it was ugly but more on that below).  I got up and worked out.  I had planned meals on the day before and went grocery shopping.  I grabbed a large black trash bag and de-junked my cabinets and fridge.  I made decisions that would set up my success for the week rather than leaving me scrambling at lunch/dinner time.  I recommitted to MYSELF.

It sucks to be starting over from ground zero....again.  The process toward breaking all those bad habits that resurfaced overnight.  I can't believe that I am back here but I am owning it and moving forward.  It will take effort.  It will push me to do all sorts of things I don't want to do but it will be worth it.

I started the 21 Day Fix (Beachbody) on Monday.  It worked pretty well when I sort of gave it an effort a year or more ago.  I just stopped giving it any effort.  My head wasn't in the right place that time.  This time I am motivated to get back to feeling better about myself.  I ordered a sampler of Shakeology to test it out.  I hate to say that I don't mind the shakes.  I remember tasting it before and hating it.  I may add this in permanently once my sampler week is over.  I stuck to my meals and workouts for the week.  I even ran yesterday.  It wasn't a pretty sight but I put in 3.2 miles and enjoyed the beautiful day we were blessed with.

Now for the ugly part.  I weighed in on 9/5 at 306.4 (gah, when did I get over 300 again?  Damnit).  I weighed in today for week 1 at 298.6.  I lost 7.8 pounds the first week.  Now that the water weight is off, it is time to buckle down!

Week #2 started today both for my journey and my new job!  I am here to tackle them both and find myself again.


  1. I can totally relate to the work thing. I have been using it for, months. But I am trying to change that too. My journey to this half marathon should be interesting, but I am looking forward to it. And I can't wait to have you with me when I do it!!!!! I am glad you are focusing on what is best for you!

    1. It is so hard to get in a routine when your schedule is unpredictable. I can't even offer any help since I failed at it. But I am here to help you reach the finish line!! :) Loves ya!