Sunday, March 9, 2014

Disney's Glass Slipper Challenge 2014

So it has taken me a bit but I am finally getting around to writing the recap to race weekend!  The past couple of weeks have been a stressful time for my family. 

On Wednesday, February 19th, my mom and I were supposed to begin our drive to the happiest place on earth. Instead, I awoke to find her unresponsive on the couch.  It turned out to be a combination of low blood sugar and a severe urinary tract infection.  Once she was stabilized, we had time to talk about the race and she begged me to go (she knew I was looking forward to this race).  I hated to leave her but knew she was being taken care of and in good hands.  So I booked a flight. 

Mom is in a skilled nursing facility and is undergoing daily physical therapy to regain her strength.  I am happy to report that with each new day she is getting better!  Discharge to home is planned for next week!  Thanks to all for the continued prayers and support! 

Disney's Glass Slipper Challenge
I left for Orlando late on Thursday, Feb 20th!  It was the worst flight I have ever had in my life.  I puked for 2.5 hours.  The turbulence was like being on a boat crossing the English Channel.  Those boats have a big round hole in the middle so passengers can throw up because the channel is that choppy.  I needed that big hole.  I made it.  Dehydrated but alive!  :) 

I spent most of Friday, Feb 21st rehydrating and refueling!  But I was incredibly excited to be at my very first runDisney adventure!  I attended the Pasta in the Park that evening.  It was held at Epcot and we had primo viewing of the fireworks!  I met an awesome couple at dinner.  Eric and Jessica were all the way from Canada!  This was Jessica's first half and I am excited that she is now hooked!!  Can't wait to run more races together!  

Enchanted 10k - Feb 22nd
The inaugural running of this royal 10k!  I was so excited to be running at Disney that I didn't even mind the 2:45 am wake up call!  My alarm went off and I jumped out of bed!  It is funny how getting up for a race is easy but getting up for work is torture!  LOL   I got to spend some time chatting with a college friend prior to the race.  Lisa is a perfect princess and runs many Disney races!  It was great seeing her!  The race went on the roads around Epoct, through the countries, along the Boardwalk and ended back through Epoct!  I had decided to take my time and stop at as many Characters as I could!  After all, I did need to save some energy for the half.  It was so much fun seeing all the costumes.  I do races to have fun but this was a whole new level of fun.  

Princess Half Marathon - Feb 23rd
It was a wee bit harder getting up this morning but then I remembered I get to run a half through the Castle!!  My friend warned me about the long walk to the corrals, however, it felt like we walked a half just to get to it!  The good news is that I could then sit down and rest or in my case lie down because I was having a few back spasms.  Thankfully, those went away once the race started (probably the adreneline)! 

I didn't stop for as many pictures because halfs take long enough (well for me).  It was fun to see all the characters that Disney had out for our enjoyment.  Perhaps, if I were faster or more patient I would have stopped!  So when I saw Genie from Aladdin, I knew I had time to stop!  He is one of my favorites after all!  

I really enjoyed getting to run down Main Street and through the Castle.  It was all quintessential Disney!  Seeing all the people there to cheer us on was really awesome too!  I can't wait to do it again!  

At mile 10, fate brought Lisa and I together and we were able to finish the race together!  That made my whole day!!  

 I finally accomplished Half #13 and state #6!  They were a tricky combo and were full of challenges but I got them done!  And I finished a Challenge to boot!  Not a bad weekend of bling! 

Finally, I was able to get the one souvenir that I wanted most.  New Balance has a collection of shoes made just for runDisney!  I have dreamed about the Minnie Mouse ones for weeks.  I was able to get a pair and of course I had to show them to the girl herself! 

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