Sunday, October 28, 2012


Reflection is not something I usually do or at least not while running!  I usually try to blank out and think only about breathing and pacing.  However, it hit me how much I have accomplished this past year.  

One year ago, I was gearing up to run my very first half-marathon.  Yay, Rock-n-roll St. Louis!!  I was scared out of my mind but eagerly awaiting the big day.  I trained my ass off for it.  I have never been prouder of myself or my abilities.  I was also hooked.  The adrenaline rush was out of this world.  Fast forward to Oct 2012....

I just ran my fourth half-marathon in the past year.  Once again, yea, RNR STL!  I've had my fair share of injuries.  My body was like what the heck!!  But I did them with smile! This was my worst race but I had a blast. I was incredibly disappointed in myself.  My hip was killing me.  Then I realized I still did it and who cares how long it took me to finish.  There are plenty of people sitting on their couches saying "I wish I could do that or that girl is crazy why do it at all".  But I do them for me and to prove that despite everything I am capable of doing something huge!  Running is in my blood and I can't get enough of it!

I signed up for half #5 a few days after!  It's next weekend and I am so excited!  That race and finish will allow me to become a member of Half Fanatics.  It's nothing big or even all that exciting but it is a chance to say I did something that only so many others have accomplished.  This race will be my third in 90 days and also my second in 16 days.  Either way I qualify!  I am officially a running nerd! 

I spent a few minutes last weekend dreaming about races that I would love to do in the next couple of years.  I am plan to use running as a way to travel because I love both activities so much! 

RNR Nashville in April   (signed up)
RNR Chicago in July (just a maybe bc I really want to go to LA and see the Cards vs Angels)
RNR Pittsburgh in August  (just a maybe)
RNR STL in October
RNR Vegas in Dec 

Disney Princess in Feb 
Who knows but I am up for anything?  RNR Ireland/Scotland :) 

Outside The Fox Theater

Outside Union Station