Tuesday, July 19, 2011

So my name is Brigitte...

Fail.  Apparently, I am not capable of posting once a week or even once a month.  I won't dwell on my inability to update.  How about I just fill you in on my life?

Life has been great!  Extremely busy but fabulous at the same time.  I haven't been focusing on my weight loss nearly as much as I should but I am still exercising and seeing my trainer and trying to eat right.  Ms. All-star and I celebrated one year of working out together back in June!  It's amazing how attached I have gotten to the pain-in-my-ass! I've grown a lot in the last year and push this body to all sorts of new heights.  

Speaking of new heights...I am training for my first half-marathon in October.  I signed up for the Rock-n-Roll St. Louis race.  It was time to really test my love for running.  Do I have it in me to accomplish this goal?  I've made it to week 5 of the training.  I amaze myself every time I set off to run.  My goal is to finish and not worry about time.  I want to run across the finish line and not crawl!  I am only running three days a week so that I can still train 2x, swim 2x and get a night off!  It's working out pretty well except all the runs keep getting longer, lol!  Today was a pace day but still an hour long session.  I knocked out 5.45 miles.  Pretty proud of my progress!  

I've been attending a running clinic hosted by the physical therapy department where I work.   They are helping me correct my stride and stance to alleviate pain on my hip.  It is really helping so far and this reminds me that I need to schedule a follow-up!  :)  It's weird to watch yourself run and then have someone critique it.  It really has been a huge help in my training and keeping me running with only minimal pain.  

I hope all of blogosphere is still well!  Until next time....

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