Sunday, October 12, 2014

Dopey Training: Inspiration

Today I ran my 19th half marathon since I started in Oct 2011.  Next weekend will be a major accomplishment in my running career.  I am super proud to be hitting the 20 half marathon milestone.  Not bad for a girl that hated being physically active from high school on.  

Over the past two weekends, I have watched friends accomplish their goal of running a marathon.  Seeing all their pictures and reading their stories has renewed my love for running.  They have reignited my passion and inspired me to reach for my goal.  

To say my motivation has been lacking over the past 8 months is an understatement.  I have viewed running as a chore.  Just one more thing that I needed to do.  It was no longer something I got to do.  Running and I were on break.  Much like Ross and Rachel.  I cheated on it by being a slug.  It wasn't pretty.  

Now I can't wait until Tuesday!  I want to run. Now. 

I have my passion back.  I want to be out there pushing my own limits and seeing what this body can accomplish when I push it.  This isn't going to be easy.  It will test every inch of my being but I need this challenge more now than ever.  I will be a marathoner in January!

I'm back with a renewed sense of purpose.  

Dopey you will be my bitch!  Got it little dude!!