Thursday, March 8, 2012

Post Half-Marathon

Sorry about the lack of meal planning.  There was a plan but with the excitement surrounding my trip to New Orleans it went to heck.  This week hasn't been any better! I promise to be back on track and blogging on Sunday!  

The half-marathon went great...well up until I did something to my ankle at mile 7.  I still managed to finish in 2:35!  Not as fast as my first one, but not too shabby with an injury either!  My bff and I had a great time hanging out in NOLA!  I have been on seafood overload!  :)

I am so addicted to running these now.  But having said that, I need a break.  So I am going to take a few months off and just run some 5/10ks!  The training was getting to me this time.  I felt like I wasn't able to give it my full attention which is something that ends up hurting you in the end.  Perhaps, that is why I am limping around rather than running right now.  I also want to remember why I love to run.  Training makes it a "have to" situation and not a "want to" situation.  I want to go out on a beautiful day and run because I can!  I am pretty damn proud of myself for finishing two half-marathons in 6 months!  A break is earned, right?   

I'll be back training this summer/fall for the RNR STL in Oct and maybe the Diva run in Nov.  I can't wait to get back at it!  Next up: St. Patty's Day 5-miler...well if my ankle is up to it next Saturday!! 

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