Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow = lazy

I was forced to stay home yesterday because we were supposed to get all this bad weather.  We got some sleet.  I was pissed because I had to use a vacation day.  I was also pissed because that meant I was a bum.  Sure, I shoveled a bit but for most of the day I did absolutely nothing.  It sucked how lazy I was and let's not forget how much food I ate.  Why is it when you are snowed in that one must eat for hibernation?  Yuck.  I was bored and I knew it.  Didn't change my actions though.  I am not happy with myself.

I am supposed to leave for a meeting in FL tomorrow.  I highly doubt that happens now.  My flight from STL goes through Chicago.  Yep, not a good sign.  When the travel agency booked it through Chi, I knew that I wouldn't actually go on this trip.  Apparently, I have a pretty smart gut.  I suppose I'll go home tonight and pack.  I haven't decided if I'll bother heading to the airport or not.  The flight is pretty early and that means getting up early to find out it status.  The last thing I want to do is sit in an airport all day waiting to see if my flight will leave.  Although, I would be getting paid to sit there....hmmm??

Anyway, I hope everyone is safe and warm.  If you had a snow day or about to have one, I hope you enjoy it!  

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  1. Ha ha ha, I love that line -- Although, I would be getting paid to sit there....hmmm??
    I miss the sight of snow, but not the cold!