Sunday, July 6, 2014

Dopey Training Week 1

Training for the Dopey Challenge began this week!  

So I'm really going to do a marathon..... 

And I can't wait!!!

The training schedule starts off pretty slow and that is a very good thing.  I haven't been running much. Taking care of my elderly mother has consumed every waking hour or at least non-working ones.  But I need Brigitte time again.  I need to run.  I also really need a vacation but that will have to wait.  

I had forgotten how much I love being out there.  Tuesday evening I saw a deer and finished to fireworks!  I even managed to stick with my normal 2:1 interval.  However, Thursdays run got pushed to Friday because I was uber busy!  Friday morning, I was pretty wore out from the day before and my training session.  I decided to back my intervals up to 1:1.  I still managed to finish the same 3.3 miles regardless of interval!  So yay!  

The only problem is that Saturday's long run hasn't happened yet.  It's Sunday at 11pm.  Um, oops.  Good thing it was only 3 miles and I'm not missing too much.  Makes the goal for this week easy. Complete all 3 runs!  I'll get my groove back.  

At least I wasn't a bum all weekend or anything.  I painted our newly remodeled bathroom and spent today hunting the STL 250 birthday cakes!  I hit my step goal everyday!  So if nothing else I was way more active than I have been since mom took a turn in the wrong direction back in February. 

I feel like all of this will help my running.  Baby steps to making this marathon dream a reality! 

Off to week 2....