Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Scavenger Hunt for Runners aka #RunChatHunt

What could be better than a scavenger hunt during the holiday season? Running while doing it!  I got to run some amazing runs and check off some fun hunt items at the same time!  

1.  Body of Water.  I took this picture during a run in Forest Park.  It was a beautiful evening and it had warmed up a bit.  The snow was still around and one of the lakes was partially frozen.  It had little duckie prints all over it! 

2.  Snowman.  It had snowed all night.  I didn't want to risk driving to a Santa Dash so I took my pups out for a little run/walk.  We came across this snowman in the snow!  It was fun to be out on the road without anyone around!  

3. Mile Marker.  The day after our snow, the sun came out and I was itching to run. I headed out to the local train -- Grant's Trail -- and had it all to myself.  Took this along the way! 

4. Animals on a Farm.  The same run along Grant's Trail allows me to run past the majestic Budweiser Clydesdales on a regular basis.  The hitch horses were out in their pen and all bundled up in red blankets!! 

5. Porta Potty.  Blessed to always have this porta potty available along the trail.  Although, I haven't needed it!! 

 6.  Santa. One of the local running stores, Big River Running, sponsors a run along some of St. Louis's famous holiday light displays.  A group of us went for a fun run to look at lights! 

7.  Inflatable decoration.  Hippie Santa!

8. Picture with Runners I don't know.  These are girls I've chatted with in a FB group but have never meet until this night!!  

I wasn't able to find a train crossing or a local coffee shop but I am still pretty excited about my finds!!  I figure 8/10 isn't so bad!!  I can't wait for the next scavenger hunt!!  

Merry Christmas!  

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Stronger Than Gold's Gym Corporate Challenge

I fell off the blog wagon.  I am vowing to rectify this habit!  Thanks to some of my friends, I will be back on the wagon at least for a few months.  Hopefully, the habit continues.  

We are starting our own weight loss challenge for 2014!  The Stronger Than Gold's Gym Corporate Challenge will begin on January 1st and continue for 12 weeks!  

We are super excited about changing our lives!  I will be posting weekly updates with our progress. 

The fun begins soon.....