Sunday, February 19, 2012

Hello bloggersphere!
Well it is exactly 2 weeks until my half!  I think I have survived my cold (still a little congested but it is better)!  However, I have zero motivation to train.  I tried running Tuesday night and it wore me out.  This cold, sinus, whatever kicked my butt.  I have never been so wiped out.  I worked with my trainer on Wednesday night and was finished off for the week.  What happened to my stamina?  Did it suddenly collapse around me or just take a hiatus?  I plan to run tonight after dinner.  It was too chilly for me to be outside today.  I didn't think that was a great idea with having just been really sick so now I am forced to dreadmill it.  Ugh!  I still have two weeks to get my miles in and make myself feel capable of crossing this finish line without dying!  I can do it!

Here is the menu for this week:
Sunday:  Stuffed Peppers
Monday:  Peanut Butter Chicken (one of our faves)
Tuesday: Pulled Pork (frozen from the last time I made it) 
Wednesday: LO
Thursday: Orange Glazed Salmon / Mashed Cauliflower (another fave)
Friday: LO
Saturday: LO

Feel free to ask for recipes! Until next time....  

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