Monday, March 21, 2011

Pardon the interruption

It's been awhile.  {waves hello} 

I've been neglecting my blog.  Wanna know why?  Me too.  Although, I have a fairly good idea....

I went on vacation and had a blast.  A little too much of a blast.  I gained 20lbs of which thankfully 10 of it was water and disappeared quickly but the other 10 are hanging around waiting for me to do some work.  Yep, now comes the hard part.  The part that almost makes me regret eating biscuits and gravy every morning plus some unmentionable amounts of alcohol.  I say almost because I had a wonderful time and wouldn't change a thing.  It's the first real vacation I've had in a few years and I really, really needed it!  So I'll do the work and get back on track....except I haven't.  I seem to have left my motivation in Florida or on the plane.  I can't seem to get my act together.  My diet sucks and I feel like I am just going through the motions on my workouts.  I hate feeling like this and really need to snap the hell out of this funk.  Seriously.  Perhaps it will take baby steps to get me back on track.  I've dealt with plenty of detours in the past and I will survive this one too.  

It starts today.  I got plenty of sleep last night, I am tracking my food, I am blogging and we have group at the gym tonight!  It has been a pretty positive day.   Winning!

I survived both races.  The 10k in FL was a huge success because we finished it in 92 min despite all the injuries!  Although, I thought my shin and hip were going to cede from my body.  The following weekend we did a 5k and I managed to run the whole thing.  Not entirely sure of my time but 34min+ is my estimate.  Good news minimal pain!  So progress on the injury front.   I ran on both Sat and Sun this weekend, while the hip was sore it wasn't unbearable!  YAY!!  This can only help the motivation issue, right?  
My friend Ann and I after the 10k! 

Trainer Kate and I after the 5k!
One step at a time....