Monday, February 28, 2011

Gone Fishing

Well not really but I will be on vacation until next week!  I hope everyone has a lovely week and hits all sorts of major goals while I am gone to the sunny warmth of Florida!  I am off to watch some Spring Training games for my beloved St. Louis Cardinals and hangout with some friends!  I can't wait for spring and hopefully this puts me right into the mood!  Cheers!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Falling apart piece by piece

I think my body is trying to tell me something.  And it isn't how incredibly hot I am.  

First my right hip was giving me some problems and it was just starting to feel better.  So being the smarty pants that I am I decided to test it out and ran (hard) on Saturday night.   That was a very bad idea and I felt something give.  I went to the Chiro and it's a hip flexor issue.  So I am trying to baby it and not run for now.  BUT I have a 10k next weekend that I would like to run some of and a 5k the weekend after that.  Now is not a good time to have injuries.  Yes, you read that right.  I think because my hip was throwing off my stride, I ended up with a shin splint on the right side.  I hate those more than the hip injury because shin splints hurt like a mutha focker!  Ice and Advil are my two best friends right now.  

I'm not letting this stop me.  There are still plenty of things that I can do and having to hold off on running for a few days won't kill me.  Plus, in one week I will be in warm, sunny Florida watching my STL Cardinals in Spring Training and all these injuries can bake in the sun.  It will truly be therapeutic.

Now if you excuse me, I am sure I have something to ice!   :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

MIA from Blogland

Wow, so I have been missing in action for a couple of weeks.  Although I don't always leave a comment, please know that I am keeping up with your lives!  I try to read updates every few days.  I just haven't felt like posting.  Nothing truly exceptional has been going on and it is really hard to blog about trivial everyday matters.  Life has been going along status quo and really busy! 

I did indeed make it to Florida for the work meeting.  It was a short trip but really helped to rejuvenate the soul.  My coworker and I managed to run outside both nights.  It was wonderful to be outside running again.  The treadmill just doesn't cut it.  But when you can't run in the cold, nasty weather you learn to live with it.  However, it made the first gym run really difficult!  I wish I could say that I watched what I ate and was sensible at the meeting.  I was to an extent but the desserts and wine did me in.  Ugh, but I rationalize by knowing that I never eat like this at home and sometimes a little splurge is a good thing.  Maybe that is more denial than rational....

So besides the not blogging, I have been doing really well on my new year's resolutions.  I am going to bed earlier and getting to work at a more reasonable time.  I am trying to track my food and most days are a success.  I find when I have to figure out a recipes nutritional information that I get really lazy.  That is always when I drop the ball.  I can't let that deter me and need to just do it.  I try to find recipes that already calculate the NI but sometimes a girl just wants to make something from all these wonderful blogs or a site that doesn't figure out the NI ahead of time.  I need to stop being lazy about it.  

I have hit a plateau again on the weight loss but I am still losing inches.  I guess my body is redistributing the weight.  I am hoping into muscle!  I did buy size 12 capris for my vacation in a couple weeks.  They are a little snug but I am not worried because they feel so much better than the looser 14s.  I don't think I have ever worn a size 12.  Maybe in like the 4th grade....maybe.  I guess this is one of those time that the NSV is supposed to keep my spirits up but I am discouraged by the plateau.  I need to really watch what I'm eating because truthfully that is where the problem lies.  I can't give anymore physically and I am pretty sure that the gym peeps think I live there.  But knowing what I need to do and doing it are two completely different things.  It is always easier to watch the food going into my mouth than to take stock of what makes up that food.  Obviously, I still have food issues and no matter what I've managed to overcome they are still deeply rooted.  One day at a time and I will win the battle with my body!        

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow = lazy

I was forced to stay home yesterday because we were supposed to get all this bad weather.  We got some sleet.  I was pissed because I had to use a vacation day.  I was also pissed because that meant I was a bum.  Sure, I shoveled a bit but for most of the day I did absolutely nothing.  It sucked how lazy I was and let's not forget how much food I ate.  Why is it when you are snowed in that one must eat for hibernation?  Yuck.  I was bored and I knew it.  Didn't change my actions though.  I am not happy with myself.

I am supposed to leave for a meeting in FL tomorrow.  I highly doubt that happens now.  My flight from STL goes through Chicago.  Yep, not a good sign.  When the travel agency booked it through Chi, I knew that I wouldn't actually go on this trip.  Apparently, I have a pretty smart gut.  I suppose I'll go home tonight and pack.  I haven't decided if I'll bother heading to the airport or not.  The flight is pretty early and that means getting up early to find out it status.  The last thing I want to do is sit in an airport all day waiting to see if my flight will leave.  Although, I would be getting paid to sit there....hmmm??

Anyway, I hope everyone is safe and warm.  If you had a snow day or about to have one, I hope you enjoy it!