Monday, December 20, 2010

Hot 100 #12

Doh, I forgot to update again.  I was off for a few day to rest my back and try and get some Christmas shopping done.  So I'm an idiot and totally forgot.  To be honest there really isn't anything to report.  I gained a little weight because of burning less than I was consuming.  I am however moving around better and even managed a training session on Friday morning!  It was a lot of free motion machine and no twist of the back.  Much tamer than my usual session but progress nonetheless.  I see my chiro one more time before he leave town for the holidays.  Hopefully, I can continue to heal and not do something stupid in the next two weeks!!!!

I spent Saturday with my niece and nephew!  It was an amazing day.  The only problem was not being able to pick my 4-year old niece up to get her drink at McDonalds.  It sucked not being able to explain that I couldn't pick her up.  We scooted a chair over so she could do it her big girl self; crisis adverted! 

The next two weeks I intend to finish out the Hot 100 the best of my ability and know that I gave it a great effort up until the end! 

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  1. So sorry about your back!! I have had 3 exercise over use injuries since January. (Knee, chest wall contusion and now tennis elbow) Each time I've had to go to the doctors and physical therapy. It's such a bummer. But you know, I just decided that I need to keep focused and do what I can. Eventually my body heals itself and I'm back to normal. Main thing is not to quit your plan!!

    You can do this!! Keep focused!!!