Thursday, October 28, 2010

I gained. It happens. Doesn't mean I like it.

So I gained 3 pounds this week.  It sucks ass.  However, it was bound to happen.  I get to this weight and bam my body starts going crazy.  Or maybe I am going crazy...yea that is probably the correct answer.   I did change things up and try eating more every day since I wasn't hitting my calorie goal.  Well I may be eating more than I actually realize or account for in the tracker.  I think I'll go back to my prior method.  At least then I was losing and not having to fret about where I was calorie wise.  Ugh.  

I can account for some of that gain the rest must have been from a food induced coma.  on Saturday, I ate mozzarella sticks (a lot of them) while watching Mizzou kick some Sooner ass.  They were yummy and totally not diet worthy.  Then on Sunday, I was non-stop hungry all day.  I think the better statement is I was bored.  I realized it but couldn't seem to stop.  My self-control button was apparently on the fritz.  I fell off the wagon.  I am trying really hard to put my self back in the driver's seat.  

So dear readers, I know what I did and it was stupid.  Will it happen again?  Maybe.  But I just have to get up and start anew.  This isn't something I can fix overnight and with Auntie Flo right around the corner it won't be much better for a bit.  But I can work on it each day and try not to let the cravings control me.  I have more self-control than this and I need to realize it!


  1. Well, that'll teach you to be happy when the Sooners lose. Ha ha! Seriously, we have to be careful with happy eating. I know I am on guard for sad and angry eating. The happy eating, now is a much bigger problem for me. The bored eating is a problem. I fixed it last weekend by washing a HUGE bowl of mini carrots and putting it beside me before the games even started. Of course, the Mizzou game took my appetite away. BARF!

  2. I liked the title to this post... was nodding my head saying "yeah!"

    The thing is, you KNOW you goofed, you faced it, you analyzed it, you learned from it, and now you are better skilled for the next time. It's a process, and you are making progress.

    Here's to a better week for all of us!

  3. Why do we eat when bored? I am also a sinner on this one.