Monday, August 2, 2010

Dude, have you seen my blog?

Hello blog friends!  It feels like forever since I've updated.  I am extremely behind in reading all your wonderful blog posts as well!  Life has been busy and I haven't been neglecting you out of laziness.   My mom had a birthday, I've had church activities and squeezing in all my workouts.

I've tried to keep up my workouts but eating has been the bane of my existence.  It all started with the baseball game for my mom's birthday.  She loves the fancy party room (and so do I).   They have ballpark favorites along with a carving station, pasta station, some sort of chicken dish and a vegetarian option.  Let us not forget the cookies and brownies or free drinks.  Yikes.  Add a rain delay and I rolled home...bad Briggie!  It kept going the rest of the weekend.  I tried to make better choices but it is still difficult to eat out sometimes.  I am back on track this morning but the damage has been done.  I am too afraid to step on the scale.  

The good news is that on Saturday while setting up for VBS and then running, I managed to have like 19,000 steps!!   I even had a nap that day, LOL!!    There is always a bright side! 

I am dusting myself off and heading into a new week.  I will have a couple more updates because I tried a new recipe and made my first "Pound for Pound" food donation.   That was an awesome experience!!  More to come....


  1. That's what I do ~ just pick myself back up and keep going! I have to keep telling myself this is not a race, this is a lifestyle. I just need to keep focused and go forward. Hugs!

  2. Those temptations...are awful! For me, I absolutely have to avoid those places...but I know you love your Cards and can't avoid them at all. I know your new week will be amazing and you will be right back on track before you know it!!

  3. Thanks ladies. I couldn't avoid a Cards game if I tried (I have two more in a couple weeks). I'll try to better prepare for the games.

    It is so hard to refocus. I am trying bit by bit!

  4. Thanks for the encouragement!
    It sounds like we've both hit one of those tough walls that we all hit once in awhile. Maybe we can bust through together :) Great job with keeping up the activity, even as the eating was slipping a bit!

  5. Amy, Welcome to my lil blogworld!! Thank you for the encouragement right back! It is so awesome to find new friends going through many of the same things. I felt like the food was out of my control but the exercising was something I could make happen. I controlled the one aspect I could so that I didn't completely fail.