Saturday, August 7, 2010

Back in the groove

I had a wonderful day shopping with my best friend.  It's tax free weekend and we decided to take advantage.  I needed new running shoes.  I found some at the Nike outlet.  I have a Nike plus and my current shoes are equipped to handle the device.  I didn't go into the store looking for a pair that could handle it but I found some!!  So yea!

My WW weigh-in went well.  I was down 6.4!  That is 34.4 total since February!  And almost 90 total pounds since I started this endeavor.  I am so excited that all this hard work is paying off.  Apparently last weekend's binge didn't impact my progress as much as I had expected or I really worked my butt off in the mean time.  :)

It was really good to have Ms. All-star back this week!  I always like to think that I push myself during my solo workouts as much as she pushes me during our sessions but I'm not entirely sure that is the case.  It's easier to let your focus slide.  I definitely give it my best try and dig in deep.  Some days are easier than others.  Today, it took all my effort to make it through my workout.  It may be a recovery week, thus no high zone torture but this medium workout was pure hell.  I can barely survive with only one minute slight recovery make it 30 seconds and I was ready to slit my wrist.   I did it and almost ran 4 miles.  That in itself is a huge accomplishment.  My endurance is getting better and some day I may actually be a real runner.  Maybe...   ;)  Just a girl and her treadmill; it's like a bad novel!

I finally got around to getting my reward for reaching my mini-goal with Ms. AS!  I chose to purchase Avatar (fabulous movie) and finally got a chance to pick it up!!  Now I just need time to watch it.  It's fun getting things that you want but definitely don't need as a reward!!  Now those gorgeous Steve Madden pumps from Off Broadway may need to be my next reward...drooling at the thought.  LOL


  1. You're a losing machine!! Congrats :) and can't wait until you get your next reward!