Thursday, July 15, 2010

Blog Award and White Pants

Today is a rest day! Yea!! My achy body feels so much better this morning. I will be ready to hit it again tomorrow. Which thankfully is a low-day! My trainer will be out-of-town all weekend so the motivation is all on me. I can totally do it!

I am wearing a pair of pants that I haven't worn for a couple summers! They buttoned and zipped and EVERYTHING. How fabulous is that. The only problem is they are white. And ladies guess what came to visit today. So far, so good! :)

Now for way more exciting information. My lovely friend KyokoCake gave me this really cool blogger award!

There are four responsibilities that come along with this award:

1. Thank the recipient: Kyoko, thank you for being my inspiration for diving back into the blogging world! You are an amazing person. I am so glad to have you and your sister in my life!

2. Line back the giver: Visit KyokoCake here. This girl loves pink more than me!! She is going through the same journey and doing with great flair!

3. Reveal 10 things: So difficult!
  • I love to cook and bake and grill. I just wish I had more time to do them. In the pursuit of weight loss, I am trying to be better about cooking! I bake like a fiend at Christmas and then never seem to bother the rest of the year. I will grill until my butt is cold in the Fall especially now that I have an amazing new grill from the Easter bunny!
  • Along that same line, if I won the lottery, I would open a restaurant in a heartbeat. I think I missed my calling as a chef. I blame the FoodNetwork and Top Chef for this.
  • I am a reality show junkie. I will watch just about anything except those dancing shows. My DVR needs a good cleaning because I tape more than I can watch!
  • I am scared of heights. I can't sit above the first deck at sporting events, concerts, etc. It probably stems from being freakishly tall. It's a long way down!
  • I am a vampire addict. You put a vamp in it and I'll read it or watch it. Even the really bad ones like, A Vampire in Brooklyn. So bad! I love me some Twilight and True Blood!
  • I learned to crochet when I was like 9 or 10. I did it religiously during HS but totally quit in college and there after. I recently started up again. I have an afghan from HS that is almost done! It only took 20 years, lol! I just finished a baby blanket and shawl!
  • Like many fat chicks out there who dread clothes shopping, I became addicted to shoes and purses. I have no where left to store them. I actually (gasp) had to donate some to Goodwill. To be honest, there really isn't a shortage of clothes either. I just like to blame my shoe/purse addiction on not finding clothes that particular shopping spree!
  • I wish I could travel more. I have friends all over the country and wish I could see them more often. I've seen very little of this wonderful planet. There is so much more out there.
  • I love to run. I never would have said that a decade ago. I really, really like to be outside running. However, with all the heat and humidity of the STL I am forced inside. It is better for my breathing!
  • I have the best mom in the world. The bestest best friend in the world. I am truly blessed to have so many amazing supportive people in my life. Thank you!
4. And finally to pass it along to 3 fabulous bloggers. I haven't been doing this very long and there are so many great blogs out there! I've picked three people who I would like to call my new bloggersphere friends:
  • Ali @ The scales say what? She always has great things to say and usually right when I need to hear it! Plus, she reminds me of myself!
  • Megan @ Come what may Megan's journey has been a rough one! She is living proof of a medical miracle. All of STL has been following her progress since her transplant. She is now blogging about her faith and the travels ahead! Go Megan!
  • Traci @ Traci's Treasures We share a passion for running! She is way more prolific than myself.


  1. I'm awful that I'm just reading this. But you're awesome!! :) I just cleaned out my closet in the spare bedroom so that I'd have more room for my handbags! lol

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